Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Getting Started

I see posts all the time on news sites - both mainstream and alternative - about the latest breakthrough with regards to Fibromyalgia. I can always tell that they're really serious about convincing people of their truth when they start the article with the words 'scientists say'. It's brilliant marketing really, cuts right to the heart of the human need to put faith in something. Be it the word of a person who is known to have valuable information or the power of an old man who lives in the sky and watches over everyone, everywhere, all the time, humans seem to need something beyond the power of their own mind/body/spirit to believe it. Unfortunately blind faith in anything can have disastrous results.

So I have a question... Which scientists? How many scientists? I mean are we talking the few on the fringes who do cutting edge work, are we talking a panel of experts who have been paid to share their knowledge and insight or are we talking about the vast majority of the scientific community?

Also... how do we know that scientists say this - whatever this is - did they tell you, did you overhear them whispering their sciencey secrets to each other in the bathroom or did they actually put their reputation on the line to publish a study that they may or may not have been paid to publish?

Ok I admit that was more than 'a' question but realistically speaking those are only a few of the inquiries we should be mentally making every single time we do research on the internet on ANY topic let alone those - ie medical - that could ultimately cause serious damage or even death.

Real journalism will always cover the who, what, where, when and how as well as provide evidence and sources. Unless of course the journalist must protect their source from an as yet unnamed villainous character who said journalist is investigating due some perceived action/inaction that had a detrimental impact on any resident of the planet and/or the planet herself. Even at that, at the very least an explanation is required. 

The challenge is wading through the overwhelming collection of thoughts, feeling and scientific observations that our beloved internet provides. What is truth and what is not?

It is a question that plagues many who in the interest of self-preservation have taken it upon themselves to understand the nature of the illness they are both suffering from and aiming to cure. Even after 10 years of research I have done by way of the reading of studies, articles and blogs, talking to chronic pain sufferers, healers and patients who have healed themselves, I can determine only one truth. When it comes to health and wellness there is no definitive truth. Humans are so diverse in nature that disease affects individuals differently and requires unique treatment customized to match the needs of each individual. This is made even more challenging due to the complexity of the inner workings of a human being. We are multi-layered creatures and one simply cannot look at the health of the physical body without also looking to the health of the mental/emotional body. The three are irrevocably intertwined and they must therefore all be treated and cared for together or one strand will inevitably weaken endangering the integrity of the whole. Due in part to the unique circumstances in which each individual grows, the emotional and mental body of one will never be the same as others so even if on the off chance you have two physical bodies behaving in a similar fashion, the rest of the patient's beingness will surely cause a deviation between the two. 

Sadly modern medicine in North America is simply not structured to accommodate the time and patience required to properly heal the mind/emotional/physical body in a way that encompasses the all. Even if you get lucky enough (like I did) to get a doctor who recognizes the need to integrate diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation, mindfulness and other healing modalities it is unlikely the cost of the necessary professional care/advice will be affordable for most people. So it is left to the patient to take upon themselves the daunting task of acquiring the knowledge necessary to complete the healing process. 

This is where the need to be both open minded and discerning comes in. They seem a contradiction at first but in reality, when used together in balance, they can lead to some amazing clarity. 
Being open minded allows you the opportunity to explore possible healing techniques that you may not otherwise consider which can ultimately lead to some major breakthroughs in healing. Yet because of the nature of the internet - our main research resource - one needs to be exceptionally careful not to believe everything they read. While I encourage experimenting with different dietary choices, lifestyle changes and supplements to see which best fit your body's needs I also caution that anyone doing so should be consistently communicating with your body and be attuned to any signs that it may be giving you. Basically, follow your gut and pay close attention to how your body responds to each new change you introduce. Never introduce more than one change at a time so that there is clarity regarding how your body is responding to each change. I also caution that while some alternative healing modalities are extremely effective others are so off the mark as to be dangerous. You have to figure out for yourself which is which. Keep in mind that desperation does not make for good decision making so be cautious in your approach and only try those methods that you are comfortable with or that spark a sense of excitement in your inner beingness. Often times our subconscious is more in tune with our needs than our conscious and it lets us know with feelings of intense curiosity or enthusiasm about a concept. Listen to those feelings because they may lead to the next piece you need to put your personal healing puzzle together. And it is a puzzle, a complex collection of separate solutions that when put together in the right order for your body will lead you to find your way to health and wellness. What you absolutely shouldn't (of course we've all done it anyways - including me) is expect a thing to work simply because it worked for someone else, not even if it worked for a thousand someones. While the argument could be made that all healing stems from the powerful belief that one can be healed and that belief in a cure can in turn manifest positive results, it needs to be recognized that human bodies are complex and everybody's body is unique. I do believe however that if a patient stays in a state of knowingness with regards to their desired outcome being attained they will pull to them the people and the knowledge that they need. 

All of this takes time, all of it takes patience and all of it requires the patient to be pro-active with regards to their health and in-tune with their instincts. 

I have been working on this for years, experimenting with different ways of living and being, in a quest to discover what my body needs to heal. I have come further than I ever expected and am more than willing to share what I have learned but only if you promise not to stake your health on the information I share. Though it may be that something that works for me may work for you I can't promise that it will be so. While some things like certain supplements and dietary changes are pretty much universal in their success there are still exceptions to every rule. There is no one-sized fits all solution and that knowledge is the key to you unlocking the mystery of what your mind/body/spirit needs to heal.

Start with the basics, take the time to look honestly at your own life and the choices you have made when it comes to diet, exercise and lifestyle choices.  How much water are you drinking?  Do you smoke? Drink alcohol?  What kind of food are you eating?  Do you exercise and if so is it in alignment with what your body needs in this moment?   These are all key questions that you need to ask yourself when beginning your journey to health and wellness.  The truth is that if you don’t take the time and put in the effort to make the changes you need to make then regardless of how many miracle ‘cures’ you try, you will always come back to a state of dis-ease. 

No, none of these questions will result in pleasant realizations, and it can be quite traumatic to accept responsibility for our illness yet there comes a time in everybody’s life when they have to make a choice; do you give up or start fighting?  A simple shift in mindset will make things easier, decide that you are worth the effort, because you are worth it.  We are all worth it and it’s time we stopped allowing ourselves to live a life that doesn’t allow us to be the best possible version of ourselves that we can be. 

Niki Norlock

If you want to know what's possible :) 

This is where I started... a little over two years ago I was unable to walk without help, I was barely able to stand, I needed help getting dressed, and was pretty much reliant of others for my survival.  I was 40 pounds overweight and in constant pain.  Still I refused to give up... it took work but the results speak for themselves.  

If you are struggling with the how of making the changes needed to take back your life and embrace a healthy lifestyle don’t hesitate to reach out.  None of us can do this alone, and it is only thanks to the assistance of countless teachers and healers over the years that I have managed to get as far as I have.  I am happy to work with anyone who is ready to warrior up.  We all have it within us to become the best expression of us, sometimes we just need a little guidance.

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