Friday, February 15, 2019

The Launch of my Latest Project

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The day has arrived and I am super excited to share with you in the creation of my latest book. Welcome my friends to my latest project... I have launched a Patreon site to help me to finance the creation of a Health and Wellness Journey guide. By supporting the project you will not only be helping me to finance my work but will also be helping those who are not financially secure enough to afford a Health and Wellness coach. Let's face it... chronic illness can destroy a persons financial stability yet poverty should never interfere with and individuals right to find their way to health and happiness. This project is about offering the same information I offer in my one on one coaching at a fraction of the cost. Each month I will release articles, chapters and tips to help assist people on their own journey to Health and Wellness.

Patrons will have the opportunity to get access to articles on Health and Wellness, Chapters and journals that document my thought process during the creation of this project.  Ever wonder what I am really thinking??? Like no-holds-barred not holding anything back for fear of public sensitivities being offended… now’s your chance to find out.

Here’s a bit of a sample of one of the articles released this month…

“Tips to Help You Deal With The Anxiety Dragon.

For Chronic Pain sufferers’ life is challenging enough due to the physical limitations that they struggle to overcome every day without the added burden of emotional angst.  Unfortunately, for most people suffering from Fibromyalgia, the pain is only one part of a complex problem.  Having Fibromyalgia is like being in a semi-permanent state of light or flight; basically your body is always on high alert which leads to unreasonable attacks of intense fear.  Doctors are only now beginning to understand that Fibro is a nervous system disorder and have thankfully begun to treat the emotional body along with the physical.  Still, around the world, fibro warriors wake each morning facing fears that their mind has artfully created out of nothing.  Unfortunately, knowing that your fears are not based on a reality or truth of your current situation doesn’t stop the effects that those fears have on your mental well-being. While some doctors are willing to help treat the anxiety with medication, not everyone is willing to take or can afford prescription drugs.  Thankfully there are several different natural ways to deal with and treat anxiety.  Though it may not remove it from your life completely, it will help you to manage it and allow you to find your way back into some semblance of a more relaxed emotional state of being. 

!. Water, water and more water… I know this sounds crazy, but I have learned over the years that if I wake up in the morning with WTF is happening going on in my brain, if I take the time to drink some water it helps to calm my racing heart.  Symptoms of dehydration can often mimic the symptoms of an anxiety attack, so when the anxiety dragon attacks, being dehydrated can compound the symptoms and make them worse. The trick is to keep a bottle beside you at all times (yes beside your bed too) and to take slow, deliberate sips over a period of 10 – 15 minutes.  While drinking the water, try to mentally talk to your body, let it know that you hear that it is in distress and will do what you can to ease its suffering.  Concentrating on taking care of your bodies basic needs will help to ease you back out fight or flight.

2. Breathe…”

To Gain access to the full article you can sign up for as low as $3 a month.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Getting Started

I see posts all the time on news sites - both mainstream and alternative - about the latest breakthrough with regards to Fibromyalgia. I can always tell that they're really serious about convincing people of their truth when they start the article with the words 'scientists say'. It's brilliant marketing really, cuts right to the heart of the human need to put faith in something. Be it the word of a person who is known to have valuable information or the power of an old man who lives in the sky and watches over everyone, everywhere, all the time, humans seem to need something beyond the power of their own mind/body/spirit to believe it. Unfortunately blind faith in anything can have disastrous results.

So I have a question... Which scientists? How many scientists? I mean are we talking the few on the fringes who do cutting edge work, are we talking a panel of experts who have been paid to share their knowledge and insight or are we talking about the vast majority of the scientific community?

Also... how do we know that scientists say this - whatever this is - did they tell you, did you overhear them whispering their sciencey secrets to each other in the bathroom or did they actually put their reputation on the line to publish a study that they may or may not have been paid to publish?

Ok I admit that was more than 'a' question but realistically speaking those are only a few of the inquiries we should be mentally making every single time we do research on the internet on ANY topic let alone those - ie medical - that could ultimately cause serious damage or even death.

Real journalism will always cover the who, what, where, when and how as well as provide evidence and sources. Unless of course the journalist must protect their source from an as yet unnamed villainous character who said journalist is investigating due some perceived action/inaction that had a detrimental impact on any resident of the planet and/or the planet herself. Even at that, at the very least an explanation is required.