Friday, March 9, 2018

Yoga for Fibro?? Not a chance… right?

Wrong ;)

It’s always fascinating to me to look into life’s mirror by way of meeting beautiful new souls who remind me how challenging things are when you are struggling daily to fight through the pain.  For those just trying  to make ends meet and somehow manage to feed yourself while being inundated by pain signals that don’t make any sense, the prospect of embarking on a life altering healing journey that takes time and no small amount of patience is daunting at best.    Every Fibro warrior knows from experience that there will always be those out there who offer us ‘quick fixes’ and ‘miracle cures’ without ever really understanding the disease.  Teachers, healers and fitness coaches who, for whatever reason, have come to believe that a fibro warrior can be taught/treated like all the other bodies that walk in the door.  I think for the most part, it’s not really their fault.  Certainly medicine (yes alternative too) has come to preach ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions  to ‘di-ease’ and ‘we’, those who need help to take our next step to health and wellness, buy into, and attach ourselves to this belief.  We can go years, bouncing between doctors, specialists, and alternative healers, soaking up as much information as possible and trying every ‘treatment’ they suggest, in the hope that, by some miracle, this one will work.  

What is often forgotten is that the healing of any disease is an exceptionally individual journey and that sometimes, what worked for that person over there, will not work for us.
I was reminded of this last night at a women’s day event that brought together some of the most powerful and self-aware women healers (and a few men – shout out to the men in our lives that support our work and ‘show up’ daily to allow us to do what we do) in the local (to where I currently am – because you know that will change again soon) medical cannabis community .  I was blown away by the loving and supportive energy that these women exuded, as well as their immense passion for healing and compassion for those they work with and while I could go on for hours about their brilliance and the amount of information shared, I will instead only say that I see another Fibro-Feenxrising Truth Talk series coming sometime mid-summer.  In the meantime however, let us focus instead on one of the many women who joined us looking for answers, guidance and to make healing human connections with these beautiful souls. 

I was lucky enough to share the car ride up with a Fibro Warrior, who like me, has decided to fight like hell to get her life back.  She is bold, strong, has a beautiful spirit that lusts for life yet she suffers daily due to a multitude of physical challenges.  We chatted a bit and I described some of the work I did, and how I have built for myself a daily routine out of the knowledge I have amassed over the years while taking this Synchromystic journey into healing.  As is only natural, as it is now such a large part of my life, the subject of Yoga for Fibro came up and her immediate (and understandable) gutt reaction was…’yeah… my body can’t do that!’.  I remember being there myself not so long ago, before yoga became such an integral part of my healthy  lifestyle, thanks to past experiences with uneducated ‘guru’s’ who pushed my body to the point of crashing.  As we all know, once you crash – like really, really crash – it’s a looooong road back.  We got to talking a little more and she shared with me that she had tried it in the past, and that all it did was decrease her mobility and intensify the pain.  She explained that she had tried to ‘keep up’ with someone else’s pace and that as a result, she ended up giving up on the idea that this could actually be of service to both her and her body.  I am extremely grateful for the interaction as it brought to the surface one of the core teachings of Synchromystic healing , a ‘rule’ if you will that allows each of us to walk the path to health and wellness successfully; EVERYBODY’S  “BODY” is UNIQUE!  Sorry, I didn’t mean to scream there, but, well… maybe I did.  It certainly is worthy of repeating, and if I thought it would get the point across, I would probably shout it from the roof tops until my throat gave out.   

Your body has a powerful capacity to heal;  it is a natural inborn gift that Mother Nature has bestowed on us, yet in order for our body to do so, you must first give it the tools it needs to do the job properly.  It is in the awareness that each body CAN and WILL heal itself that we find the knowledge and strength to ask for that healing and once we have asked… THAT is where the Synchromystic journey begins. In time all the answers YOU need, will be brought to you.  You will recognize their value and worth by how they ‘feel’ to you.  Each one of us is born with a guidance system and though we all communicate differently, we are all able to communicate with our bodies and tap into what works and what doesn’t.  If you are far enough into your own journey to know that a certain tightness around the stomach area means ‘NO’ then you understand what I am talking about.   If you are still working on that communication with body thing, stay tuned because we will get to that in time.  For now, rest easy in the knowledge that your body will tell you if what you are doing in this moment is right for you.  Such was my own personal introduction with yoga… for years the answer I got from my ‘me’ was no, no, NO! Until the day I had an incredible Synchromystic  encounter with a woman who I now consider to be a close personal friend and who is currently putting me through Yoga teacher training (at my own pace) so that I may work my way to certification and, in-time. have more knowledge to share with my fellow Fibro-feenxrisings. Speaking of own pace, that right there is the magic phrase when it comes to healing; going at your own pace is the ONLY way you will ever succeed. 

There will be changes needed to be made, and boundaries set, but I promise, if you take the steps slowly, one at a time, and ease into the idea of a pain free life, a pain free life you will have. While diet and internal work are an important element to this, the body also requires movement, a prospect that is exceptionally scary for anyone experiencing chronic pain.   A question that I would like you to consider over the next few days is, does this fear come solely from the beliefs we have built about ourselves thanks to past experiences that left us unwilling to put ourselves through anymore suffering?  Feel that one out for a while and get back to me if you feel called to, certainly I welcome any feedback or insights that this question may call into being.

Now I realize I have touched on a tonne of information here, and I am aware that it may not all stick.  You will integrate the knowledge that is right for you in this moment for the moment, and in the future, we will revisit these ideas and expand on them. In the meantime, I want to offer up a series of videos  I did while adventuring in Costa Rica a couple years back before my big ‘crash’ and my two year hiatus from ‘work’.  I am posting them today in honor of international women’s day, to remember with a loving heart all the incredible women I have worked with, continue to work with and who I will work with in the future.  They feature my friend and teacher, Heidi Michelle, and are a quick introduction to yoga for Fibro Warriors.  It is also my own personal introduction to using Yoga as a treatment for fibromyalgia and though it took me a while to fully embrace the healing practice of Yoga, having now practiced it for a year and used it as the main tool to get from flat on my back to fabulous, I can tell you that works.  How it works however is entirely up to you, so, if this series speaks to you, and you want to learn how to begin integrating these teachings into your life, in your way, in your time, don’t hesitate to reach out through the CONTACT ME page.

Oh… one more thing… somewhere out there is the powerful warrior who inspired this posting and it would just not be a feenxrising post if we didn’t honor her battle with and future victory over what for many is a debilitating, life altering disease.  The pleasure my lady, is mine.

Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey


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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. Very inspiring. Yoga has been immensely helpful for me in navigating Fibromyalgia. Keep up the fight.

  2. Hello fellow Warrior ;) awww... thanks for taking the time to stop by, I am grateful for your kind words, they brought a smile to my face. Indeed yoga is a powerful gift and I am so happy that it is helping you. I love when people share their success, it helps motivate others to keep fighting. Gentle hugs to you.