Friday, March 2, 2018

The ABC's of Happy = Healthy

Now before you start in on me about this being one of those hippy, dippy, think yourself well posts, please believe me when I say that it is not my intention.  There is no way, when you are down at the very bottom of the well, treading water, on the verge of exhaustion and just about to drown that a picture of a ladder is going to save your life. If anybody gets that, it’s me.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have wanted to scream at individuals who would tell me that the answer to my physical ills was as simple as repeating the phrase ‘thank you for my healing’ over and over in my head.  Granted, in this ‘ask and ye shall receive’ universe, that will actually work given enough time, but, first you have to have total faith that it will work.  Trust me when I tell you that, when you are in pain, every hour of every day for YEARS, and when you have been bouncing from specialist to specialist, and tried every homemade ‘remedy’ out there, you are simply too exhausted emotionally and physically to have faith in much of anything.  It’s a monumental effort just to get out of bed in the morning, and though you may ‘fake it’ for friends and family (stop doing that by the way – you aren’t helping yourself) you simply don’t have it in you to find the sense of hope that is required to manifest a miracle. 

So how then do you get from point A (Agony)… to point F (as in Fabulous, Fantastic, Fibro Feenxrising) without going through B (for bitching), C (for complaining), D (for depression) and E (for exhaustion)?

Could it be as simple as shifting your focus?

It can and it is… without even getting out of bed, without having to get dressed, or stop taking any of the meds, change your diet or begin to add simple and gentle exercises to your life, you can start your healing journey, right now today, if you decide it’s what you want to do.

So let’s change up some of the meanings of those letters…

You start at A… and ACCEPT that you deserve to be well.  Accept that for the moment you may need help, then Accept the help that others offer. Accept that this is a journey and though it may not happen overnight, it will happen if you want it to, and if you Accept that you are worth the effort. Accept that in the moment you decide to go down the path of wellness, that the universe will transpire to put those in your Awareness ( another powerful ‘A’ word) who will help you down that path.  Once you have worked on acceptance then you can move onto B

BELIEVE… Believe that it is possible for you to heal, despite what doctors may tell you, despite what your past experience tells you, and despite what your body is telling you right now while you are curled up in a ball wondering how the hell you are going to make it to the kitchen to refill your water so you can take your next pain pill.  Believe that you are worth the effort, (sound familiar) and Believe that in the moment you decide to go down the path of wellness that the universe will transpire to put those in your awareness who will help you down that path.  Yes, I am repeating myself and no, this is not me just being lazy, it is worth repeating as many times as is needed for you to get to C which by the way can also be done from Bed, because maybe, you aren’t ready to ‘get up’ just yet and that’s OK.

C  is for one of the most magical words in the English language,


When you are ready, when you are finally sick and tired of being sick and tired you can make the Choice to get well.  You can begin to Choose to do the things that are necessary for you to begin healing.  You can Choose to focus on those people in your life that make life wonderful, you can Choose to focus on those things in our world that makes you want to get out in it and explore. You can Choose to shift your focus onto things that will lift your spirits and help you soar. Speaking of soaring…

D always brings to mind one of my favorite movies about a magic carpet and the ability to fly and make wishes come true.

D is for Disney… no joke, Disney movies, with their light and airy messages of hope and their uplifting vibe, can change your mood enough to make you start feeling like life is worth living and that is the key. If you are not into Disney then anything that brings you Delight, like Day Dreaming about a Day at the beach, cuddling your Dog, or even Digging into your favorite Dessert (because let’s face it, you’re not at the change your Diet stage just yet), will help to slowly shift your focus onto the things in life that make the fight worth it.  D by the way is also for the word Desire… because you must have the Desire to keep fighting; the Desire to heal and the Desire to take the steps necessary to kick-start that healing are keys to success.  Once you lock in that Desire, you will begin to put in the Effort that is needed to get where you want to be.  It’s vitally important that you Distract yourself from your own pain and though in time you will learn to use tools like meditation to manage you pain, I have no Delusions about that even being remotely possible in the beginning of your health and wellness adventure.

And no… E is not for effort, because for the moment, you aren’t really able to put any effort into anything and that is the simple truth of things. People seem to have this misconception when it comes to chronic pain conditions that the steps needed to get up out of bed and back into life are quick and easy.  When you are lost in your pain, nothing feels quick and easy, in fact, the only thing you do feel is pain. That is why, those first three steps are so important.  I want to stress here, before I go onto to what E is all about,  that there is no time line for this, no Expectation of how quickly you will get through these steps. Each and Everybody’s body is unique and only you can decide when you are ready to move on to the next step; just like only you can decide that you are worth the time and effort it will eventually take to get your life back.  Which brings us now to what E really stands for…


Yes, I know…  you’re thinking how the hell are you supposed to get Excited about anything when you can hardly remember your own name half the time (thank you Fibro fog) and you are fighting daily just to make it out of bed long enough to clean, clothe and feed yourself.  I have been there, and I understand your thought process, and how challenging it is, so that is why, once again, I will stress that you should take as much time as you need with A,B, C and D… I promise you that once you have done those things, you will naturally begin to feel EXCITED about the idea of being healthy.  It’s in the Excitement that the true power is. It is through the power of that Excitement that you will begin the pull all the people that you need into your life to help you take the journey as YOU need to take it.  Get Excited about the idea of waking up with the ability to move freely, and live fully.  Get Excited about the idea of being well enough to follow your passion and live the dreams you long ago gave up on.  Get Excited about getting Excited because Excited is where the yummy is, Excited is where true healing begins, Excited is where your personal journey takes on a life of its own and where you start to truly understand the difference between merely surviving and thriving.

Sounds too simple maybe, too basic to be of any worth or value, but the truth of life is that it’s not supposed to be difficult, and suffering isn’t normal.  Yes, in time, there will be real work to do, changes to your lifestyle, your diet, and some internal emotional work that will take you down some interesting roads but those things need not be challenging.  In fact, if you take your time, after accepting that you are worth ‘it’, believing you deserve ‘it’, and choosing  to take the steps needed to get to ‘it’, your excitement will pull ‘IT’  to you. All the people, information and assistance that you need to get to F will begin to magically appear in your life.  You won’t really have to do anything at first other than keep your heart and eyes open for the helpers and healers who will pop into your awareness and then, when you are ready, you can take advantage of the opportunities given to you. 

That’s what I refer to as ‘Synchromystic Healing’ and that my friends is the easiest way to get from A – F without suffering from the effort of traditional healing.  It’s how I did it, how I still do it… because I, like you, am still healing and though I may today be out of bed, there is yet no guarantee that tomorrow will be pain free.  I am getting there though, and as I get further along in my own journey I am finding that it becomes easier each day to expect to be well, to expect to feel good and to expect to find joy. I even expect that I will be writing to you again soon but until then…

this is me, sending you love and wishing you an infinitely blessed and pain free now moment.

Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

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