Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Manifesting Medical Miracles WITHOUT Money...

Yes, that's right... no money needed. Which is not to say that money isn't AWESOME, it is... and it's important for us all to acknowledge that or guess what??? NO MONEY!!! In fact, part of this particular post is about instilling in you the idea that EVERYTHING (including money) you need will flow right to you as you need it, and we'll get to the how of why of that in a moment but for now...

You may or may not (depending on your circumstances) have any money to spare at the moment and that is perfectly understandable if you are faced with the challenges of chronic illness. Something that often comes up when I am working with Fibro Warriors is that they are struggling with finances because their illness has restricted their ability to generate income. This is a very normal ‘real’ life problem (though in time we will also examine and redefine our concept of 'real') and although I do believe that money doesn’t necessarily have to come from ‘work’ and that opening yourself energetically to different avenues of income can result in some astoundingly successful revenue flow, I am also aware that the average person struggling with chronic illness is not yet ready/willing/able to accept that level of yummyness.  So… my solution, as with all things related to chronic illness and chronic pain is to take baby steps… make little changes to the way you think and feel about your own life and the people in it. 

Some people confuse 'being open to receive' with 'greed' and believe it is an unhealthy, selfish way to live. Certainly society has, for the most part, taught us to buy into the idea of being humble, giving and generous; while there is absolutely nothing wrong with these things, if you are going through the process of healing self you really don’t have anything to give in this moment.  The trick is to accept that it is OK not to be able to give (in this moment)  and that it is OK to instead be the one who is being given to.  Life is a give and take experience, and as the years go by, we are given ample opportunity to give back what has been given to us.  That is the ebb and flow of abundance, that today you may need someone’s help to heal, yet tomorrow (or the next day, or a week, month, year from now) you may be the healer.  When we look at the big picture of life, and look closely at our relationships, it is very clear that it is rare that any one person in a relationship does ALL the giving.  Granted it does happen, and in those instances, clear boundaries (a whole other blog that) are needed, but for the most part, life is a massive give and take trade off.  Accepting that as a reality will make it much easier for you to move into a more comfortable space with regards to being able to receive help from those who have the answers that you may for the moment be seeking. 

One of the ways to begin opening up this avenue of answers and assistance is for you simply to be willing to ask the question.  One of the things that I hear often and have felt myself multiple times during this journey to health and wealth, is that we feel, due to our physical restrictions and limitations that those limitations are a burden on others, be it family, co-workers or society.  We are hesitant to ask (especially after years of illness – because that happens) for help, we are hesitant to admit even that we need help and this effectively stops us from receiving any help that the universe has lined up for us.  Our own personal guilt about our inability to contribute to the family income, or to the company work load begins to weigh us down and eventually that guilt turns to a sense of unworthiness.  If we continue to define our value and worth by what we are able to give to others right now in this moment, we will continue to unwittingly stunt our own personal growth and expansion. 

It’s time to shift the mindset…

What if the best possible gift you could give to the people in your life were to be happy and healthy? What if you took whatever time was needed, did whatever work was needed and asked for whatever help was needed to be able to freely and easily give that gift?? Where would you be in a year from now???

These are important questions to ask yourself, and while you are asking self, why not ask your loved ones? Open up the lines of communication by being honest and authentic about where you are currently at, what you need to take your first steps to health and happiness and what kind of support you expect to get from those who love you.  Ask how they feel about you focusing on you for a while and explain that it is what you feel you need to do to get back into life. You may be amazed at how open the people who love you are to the idea of you taking some time out to put yourself and your health first.

It’s a scary proposition for some I know to be so open and vulnerable but the truth is that if you don’t tell the people you love about the truth of where you are at then you aren’t going to ever be able to get out of the current situation you are in. See ‘The Fibromyalgia Lie None of us can do this life thing without help, so stop trying to be supermom/dad and start trying to be more accepting of the fact that right now, in this moment, you are the one who needs a superhero.  Once we learn that it’s OK to ask for help, once we realize that asking for help doesn’t mean we are ‘broken’ or ‘weak’ then help begins to show up in some truly remarkable ways.

One of my own personal experiences was a magical and timely reconnection with and old friend from grade school who saw an old picture I had posted on FB of her and I together in grade school.  She sent me a message right around the time my spinal issues were being diagnosed and we reconnected shortly before I found out that I had several herniated discs and pinched nerves (on top of the Fibro).  Right after my diagnosis, during one of our conversations, the fact that she worked in a healing center came up and so I asked her if she knew anyone (preferably a physio therapist – which at the time I could not afford) who would be willing to assist me in healing my pinched nerves.  Through our connection I was able to work with both her and the physiotherapist on line by sending photos of my body alignment and receiving instructions and guidance on exercises that I could do to help release the nerves.  It worked miraculously well, as things often do when they are gifted by the universe and I was able to go from not able to walk to exercising and practicing yoga daily within a matter of months.  All I had to do was ask...

I never ‘paid’ for my services but I certainly did send a tonne of gratitude their way and I have every intention of stopping by their clinic next time I am in the area to say thank you in person and offer to take the group out to lunch.  Had I waited to ask until I had the money to pay, my progress would have been delayed, perhaps indefinitely, by my own unwillingness to receive. 

Often times, in today’s world, people work with a ‘pay it forward’ type of mentality, and so as we change and our energy around money changes, we are able to give back to the world the gifts that have been given to us.  Our ‘payback’ doesn’t always go to the person who gave us the gift in the first place, yet it does go out into the world and as all things are connected, the world as a whole, including the original giver, benefits from the gifts you are giving. It’s all about taking the steps needed to get into alignment with the idea of accepting the help you need and being ready willing and able to receive it. 

It helps of course if you are not curled up in a ball weeping from the intense pain that for no apparent reason is coursing through your body.  See ‘ The ABC’s of Happy = Healthy’.  Baby steps… slow, gentle movement (much like the yoga exercises we will be discussing in the future) towards the goals that you have set for yourself.  Regardless of where you are in your own personal healing journey it is never a bad time to examine (re-examine if that’s the case) how you ‘feel’ about ‘accepting’ and ‘receiving’ help.  Start first with one key question and everything else will fall into place from there… How important IS my health??? Once you realize that in this moment your health is ALL that matters, you will align with all the tools you need to successfully take the journey back to loving living.
Keep your heart  and eyes open… the help is coming…                                   

In fact… it’s already here.

All you need do is say 'yes please'

Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

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