Monday, February 26, 2018

Pick Your Poison

 I had a fascinating discussion a while back with two ladies in the health and wellness community; one of them a Fibro Warrior, like myself, who has overcome too many physical challenges to count.  (to be honest I am in awe that she can walk at all let alone run a successful business)

The topic of toxicity came up… As one of the things I have taught and will continue to teach, is that Fibromyalgia can be successfully managed by systematically removing toxins from your body and your environment.  However the ladies brought up an exceptionally valid point. The more toxins you remove, the more sensitive you seem to become… (this does not of course apply to those suffering from MCS – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – that is an entirely different subject) so the question must then be asked – is there a point when removing toxins from your body becomes detrimental to your health?