Friday, March 9, 2018

Yoga for Fibro?? Not a chance… right?

Wrong ;)

It’s always fascinating to me to look into life’s mirror by way of meeting beautiful new souls who remind me how challenging things are when you are struggling daily to fight through the pain.  For those just trying  to make ends meet and somehow manage to feed yourself while being inundated by pain signals that don’t make any sense, the prospect of embarking on a life altering healing journey that takes time and no small amount of patience is daunting at best.    Every Fibro warrior knows from experience that there will always be those out there who offer us ‘quick fixes’ and ‘miracle cures’ without ever really understanding the disease.  Teachers, healers and fitness coaches who, for whatever reason, have come to believe that a fibro warrior can be taught/treated like all the other bodies that walk in the door.  I think for the most part, it’s not really their fault.  Certainly medicine (yes alternative too) has come to preach ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions  to ‘di-ease’ and ‘we’, those who need help to take our next step to health and wellness, buy into, and attach ourselves to this belief.  We can go years, bouncing between doctors, specialists, and alternative healers, soaking up as much information as possible and trying every ‘treatment’ they suggest, in the hope that, by some miracle, this one will work.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Manifesting Medical Miracles WITHOUT Money...

Yes, that's right... no money needed. Which is not to say that money isn't AWESOME, it is... and it's important for us all to acknowledge that or guess what??? NO MONEY!!! In fact, part of this particular post is about instilling in you the idea that EVERYTHING (including money) you need will flow right to you as you need it, and we'll get to the how of why of that in a moment but for now...

You may or may not (depending on your circumstances) have any money to spare at the moment and that is perfectly understandable if you are faced with the challenges of chronic illness. Something that often comes up when I am working with Fibro Warriors is that they are struggling with finances because their illness has restricted their ability to generate income. This is a very normal ‘real’ life problem (though in time we will also examine and redefine our concept of 'real') and although I do believe that money doesn’t necessarily have to come from ‘work’ and that opening yourself energetically to different avenues of income can result in some astoundingly successful revenue flow, I am also aware that the average person struggling with chronic illness is not yet ready/willing/able to accept that level of yummyness.  So… my solution, as with all things related to chronic illness and chronic pain is to take baby steps… make little changes to the way you think and feel about your own life and the people in it. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

The ABC's of Happy = Healthy

Now before you start in on me about this being one of those hippy, dippy, think yourself well posts, please believe me when I say that it is not my intention.  There is no way, when you are down at the very bottom of the well, treading water, on the verge of exhaustion and just about to drown that a picture of a ladder is going to save your life. If anybody gets that, it’s me.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have wanted to scream at individuals who would tell me that the answer to my physical ills was as simple as repeating the phrase ‘thank you for my healing’ over and over in my head.  Granted, in this ‘ask and ye shall receive’ universe, that will actually work given enough time, but, first you have to have total faith that it will work.  Trust me when I tell you that, when you are in pain, every hour of every day for YEARS, and when you have been bouncing from specialist to specialist, and tried every homemade ‘remedy’ out there, you are simply too exhausted emotionally and physically to have faith in much of anything.  It’s a monumental effort just to get out of bed in the morning, and though you may ‘fake it’ for friends and family (stop doing that by the way – you aren’t helping yourself) you simply don’t have it in you to find the sense of hope that is required to manifest a miracle. 

So how then do you get from point A (Agony)… to point F (as in Fabulous, Fantastic, Fibro Feenxrising) without going through B (for bitching), C (for complaining), D (for depression) and E (for exhaustion)?

Could it be as simple as shifting your focus?

It can and it is… without even getting out of bed, without having to get dressed, or stop taking any of the meds, change your diet or begin to add simple and gentle exercises to your life, you can start your healing journey, right now today, if you decide it’s what you want to do.

So let’s change up some of the meanings of those letters…

Monday, February 26, 2018

Pick Your Poison

 I had a fascinating discussion a while back with two ladies in the health and wellness community; one of them a Fibro Warrior, like myself, who has overcome too many physical challenges to count.  (to be honest I am in awe that she can walk at all let alone run a successful business)

The topic of toxicity came up… As one of the things I have taught and will continue to teach, is that Fibromyalgia can be successfully managed by systematically removing toxins from your body and your environment.  However the ladies brought up an exceptionally valid point. The more toxins you remove, the more sensitive you seem to become… (this does not of course apply to those suffering from MCS – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – that is an entirely different subject) so the question must then be asked – is there a point when removing toxins from your body becomes detrimental to your health?