Monday, August 3, 2015

Stop it... you ARE NOT helping people... you are HURTING people who are already hurting enough...

I was so annoyed that the video quality is absolute crap but there was no way I was going to record it a second time… Not only am I tired of seeing so called ‘healers’ preaching this particular topic but I am also tired of this idea that all our video’s and personal sharing’s need to be perfectly polished.  I am NOT perfect… and thankfully I will NEVER be perfect (at least not in the eyes of humans) and since only spirit’s opinion really counts, then I guess it’s perfectly ok for me to continue being perfectly imperfect.
Anyways the short version is, yes I know the video’s quality sucks but the message remains important enough to share it regardless and so I have.  As to the long version of how I feel about this topic, I imagine I will respond either by video or by blog to any outcry that may arise from this but allow me here and now to be perfectly clear on one thing… YES – the mind can heal… absolutely there is NO doubt about the power that the mind has to heal the body – however, there is a time and place for the utilization of those teachings and they are teachings that need to be introduced slowly and practiced diligently and with expert guidance in order to be fully effective.  They will never heal a person who is not absolutely convinced that they work, so to tell the mainstream public simply to think themselves well is absolutely ludicrous without the support of several other healing practices thrown into the mix; including diet, lifestyle and yes, even medication (when it is needed).
Any healer worth their salt will approach each new patient on an individual basis and structure their healing program around the patient’s needs and understanding of how the world works.  If your so called ‘healer’ is telling you that they have ‘ALL the answers’ get a new healer… in fact do yourself a favor and right from the start build yourself a healing team.  You’ll be able to know which ones are the fakes simply by the way they respond to the video below; maybe that will help you decide.
And to those so called healers out there that are spouting this nonsense, please stop… you are making a bad name for authentic health and wellness practitioners who have dedicated their lives to studying the healing arts.  You are not helping – you are hurting and it’s time to stop. 

Sigh… Ok – written rant over – now for the badly filmed video rant – enjoy…

Niki Norlock, author of  Truth - My Synchromystic Journey