Thursday, September 5, 2013

I’ll Be Damned – The Road to Hell Really IS Paved With Good Intentions

I’ll Be Damned – The Road to Hell Really IS Paved With Good Intentions

Albert Einstein once said that the most important decision you ever make is whether or not you live in a hostile universe or a friendly universe...
Which given his reputation for genius might lead one to want to examine the power of their thoughts and the choices they make with regards to how they perceive the world in which they live. An interesting thought arose today and now I am left re-evaluating a much overused and what I believe to now have been an extremely misunderstood old saying.

We are here to discover and explore and to for the most part enjoy the adventures that we have. Part of the journey, it would seem, is to become consciously aware of one’s capacity to create their own reality. It is spoken of often of late, this hidden power that humans have; a power I might add that we for whatever reason decided to hide from ourselves. Perhaps it is for the sake of the joy of rediscovering it and rejoicing in this new thing we have learned. Regardless of our reasons for denying ourselves our own Godliness for so long we are now on the verge of truly stepping into our own as co-creative light beings with a direct line to the Creator within whom all wisdom can be found. Great – this ought to be an overwhelmingly fun game to play yet for all that we are wandering around the planet trying out our new power by altering our own personal lives we have forgotten perhaps one extremely important aspect of all of this... If we can say with certainty that we create our own reality can we also at the same time say ‘I created this, I created that but that over there – I simply can’t have created it so it must be because of that guy...’
i see...

Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

Monday, July 29, 2013

Talking Stick Radio

Hello again,

I was recently blessed to join yet another of my many amazing friends on one of their radio shows and though I would share with you both the show and the resulting blog post from this incredible lady. So as usual I want to take a moment and thank these two lovely beings for inviting me to share with them for a short time.  It was an interesting experience for me because of the unique dynamic and energy on the show; there is such a high level of respect given for those who would wish to participate that I could help but feel slightly subdued at times and in awe of the space and time so freely given for people to express their inner knowingness.  We often talk about ‘safe’ places to share our truths and how wonderful it would be if each individual in our world was simply accepted in each moment as they are in that current moment; this show represents that space of allowing.  I invite you all to listen to the show (hit the magic play button) and read the words of my friend Lu, then if you feel pulled to do so, please go check out their work at the website link below. 

Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

For me, lately, there is tremendous presence of the sacred and the divine in the moment if I am fully present in the moment.

Niki joined us in the talking circle and said that she doesn’t understand the need for connection to the divine, connection to God, because there is no separation. Separation from God is an illusion. Niki added that she sees the world as her church and every experience as sacred interaction with God. God is all there is.

I absolutely agree with this, resonate with this, and I feel joy to share this with Niki.

Niki said that she doesn’t understand having to go into another state of being in order to be close to God, for example, going into meditation or into a trance state to access the divine wisdom of our higher selves, which are divine. I would love to ‘be where Niki is at’ in that sense. But I am not there.

I know that there is nothing that is not an expression, an emanation or manifestation of Creator, Source, God. Yet in my day to day being, I sometimes lose sight of that. Less and less now, but I cannot say that I am always consciously aware of that truth.

Wherever people are, in their relationship with God, whatever their way of connecting with God and with the divine, is exactly where they should be. This is true for all people on the planet. It can’t be true only for some of us; it can only be true for all of us. So those who some would call fanatical or fundamentalist or even radically religious are connecting with the divine in the way that is in resonance with them in that moment. And that too is an expression of God.

So, we joyfully celebrate the individual’s interpretation of God’s energy, of the divine in the world and of their relationship to that.

By the same truth, we trust completely our own knowing and feeling about the divine, about God. Otherwise, we are literally giving our power away. “I must be wrong, because you are right.”

We are all right. We are all exactly where we should be in our relationship with God.

When we feel joyful in our own relationship with the divine and can trust that everyone is where they should be in their relationship with the divine, then we can trust our inner guidance, trust ourselves enough to be able to explore different beliefs, rituals, ways of celebrating life, celebrating physicality, the joining of flesh and spirit that is what it means to be human, with no fear of having our relationship with God weakened or lessened in any way. Instead it is expanding and expansive.

Susan spoke of her friend exploring commonalities between Native American spirituality and Wiccan / Norse spirituality, or between Native American spirituality and Christian spirituality. Having the courage and the curiosity to do this is empowering and expansive.

We can be who we are in relation to the divine and accept all others as they are in relation to the divine. In this way, we joyfully celebrate the diversity of the ALL that IS.

I mentioned my devotion to the Christ and to Yeshua and how that brings me into resonance with Christians, although I do not call myself Christian. I do not put Christ on a pedestal because that implies once again that separation from God. Niki said that she perceives Yeshua to be her equal. I agree. I perceive Yeshua to be helping me from another dimension, but not above me, not more holy than me.

I walk now with the spirit of my own divine Self in my heart, knowing that I am – that we all are – as powerful as He was and is, as sacred and perfect and divine as He was and is.


To Learn more about Lu and her work on the show, or to read more of her insightful posts you can visit her at...      Talking Stick Radio

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Guesting on Walking in Destiny – WXRP Radio

I was recently blessed to Join Nick Dillon and Benecia Ponder as a guest on their show Walking in Destiny. I just want to take a moment to thank these two wise beings for their shared space and time. To listen to the show, just hit the play button below…

Niki Norlock, author of  Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

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