Sunday, July 8, 2012

Birthday Joy

I recently had the pleasure of getting completely spoiled for my birthday – which of course is an awesome experience for any kid of any age...

Two of the highlights of my day were my radio co-hosts on-line birthday bash and Janet Caldwell’s loving tribute poem...

She came to me in a dream
or so I thought.
She was whispering cures
to me, in my sleep, it seemed.

Tales that she brought to me,
when I was so very ill, telling
me that I need not stay here, still.

While singing songs of meditation
that calmed my weary spirit.
She told me stories of health and wealth,
from an ancient wisdom.

She carefully explained . .
how I had made the decision
to hold onto sickness & selfishness.

She taught me that it was my choice
to be free or keep that dreaded disease.
All . . . propagated by me.

How she did this without judgment,
I’ll never know.

I will tell you that because of her,
many healings have taken place, and I
am ever grateful for her love and grace.

I call her Vikki Jean, the name matters not though.

It’s her angelic light that heals,
recovers and rescues people like me.

Thank you, Jean Victoria, Lovingly,
from me to you, on your special day.

Happy Birthday, Sis!

© Janet Caldwell July 05, 2012

To find more of Janet's work you can visit her at her website JANET P. CALDWELL

For those wishing to listen to what was for me one of the most incredibly fun shows we have ever done – with surprise visits from people like musician Jordan Okrend, on-line TV star Ninon DeVere De Rosa and my own personal favorite and the biggest star in life, my daughter Madison just hit the play button.

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Thanks to all of you who posted well wishes on my FB wall and to all of you who showed up to share in the love of a special birthday event...

Jean VN

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