Monday, February 13, 2012

For My Sister's

For my sisters...

“What now?” she whispered...
“I don’t know”, I answered quietly shaking my head; “we don’t have many options left”.
“Are they really gone?” she asked, a tear trickling from the corner of her eye.
“Yes”, I answered sadly, “they are gone...”
“Maybe they’re just hiding?” her eyes lifted from the ground hopefully.
“No child”, my voice softened, “they made their choice, as we have made ours”.
“Then what now?” she whispered yet again.
“We keep going”, I shrugged my shoulders and got back on my feet.
“But where?” she pleaded desperately, “where is it we will go?”
“We go into tomorrow” I answered.
I got back on my feet and started walking...
And just as every day before and everyday to come, she got up and walked by my side...

Somewhere, out there
I have a family
Somewhere out there
I have a home
Somewhere, out there
I have a future
Somewhere, out there
Is where I wish to roam

In here,
Is where I found her
In here,
No longer alone
In here
Where she protects my heart
In here
Where I protect her own

Somewhere, out there
She called to me
Somewhere, out there
She felt my fears
Somewhere, out there
She whispered to the stars
Somewhere, out there
Do not doubt, child so dear

In here,
She journeyed far to enter
In here,
And fought for many years
In here,
She came upon me whispering
In here,
Sister please, dry your tears

And this is where the poem ends,
And the story yet begins
As a promise long ago was made,
By an ancient group of maternal twins

Sisters sent to earth,
To wander through the lands
Always seeking those they know to have,
A loving heart and gentle hands

Warriors of old they are,
Returned for one last time
Their battle cry you hear in the soothing tones
Of every mothers lullaby

One asked me where I'd been,
And why I took so long
Another said, ‘no you’re not late’
‘I felt you all along’

The third said she would walk through hell with me,
And since we’re already here
Her word I cannot doubt is true,
So there is nothing left to fear

This is the story of the women of our time,
Who come for one reason and one reason only,
Can you hear the Victory chimes?

They did not come here to give up,
Nor to walk away
They did not come here to lose
They came to save the day

How many different styles have I included in this poem?
As many as the different angels who through our world now roam...
And what would be the purpose then?
To What end do I write?

To get the message out to you,
To shout it loud and clear
For as many different sisters here have come,
All warriors of light
Different though their task maybe be
Always and forever
Side by side they fight

Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

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