Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Support of the 99% :) Unity for Humanity and Fair Treatment for ALL!!! I thank you...

Three years ago when I began writing and calling out to the hearts of my readers many people told me I was crazy... When I looked around at our world and I cried out through my work as an author and blogger that there must be a change many people told me it would never come...
They told me that humans were naturally selfish, naturally greedy and that the divisions and sorrows that had plagued the human race for centuries could not be overcome. They told it wasn’t worth it, that I was putting my faith in a lost cause. I told them I had faith, not only in a higher power that protects and shelters but in the human beings who are the living breathing manifestation of that power...
EVERYTHING I have written has been because I BELIEVED that the world could and would CHANGE for the BETTER and that mankind could and would UNITE with ONE HEART – ONE MIND – ONE VOICE for FREEDOM – The first words I ever published we “This week I started a revolution...”
The last few paragraphs of my first novel were...

I was not sure the dream had a place in this story. I was
hoping that this time the darkness might be held at bay. I realize
now that the opposite of light has its place here. It is what gives us
balance. It is a struggle that has been wrestled with before. It is a
battle we have already fought, a war we must continue to strive to
win. It would be wrong for me to deny it its place here, so I will
include it in these pages as a message to those who read them.
We are here.
We will fight.
In that fight there will be loss of life, loss of self; yet from
the blood and ash comes forth hope for another chance for his
people to survive.
We are here.
We will fight.
We will suffer willingly, selflessly sacrificing for a chance to
make change.
We are here.
We will fight.
If we are lucky, if the Creator wills it, in the end there will
be victory for the people.
We are here.
We will fight.
And if we are destined not to win this battle, we will return
to fight again.
Like a phoenix born out of the ashes, we will rise to begin a
new life, a new battle, and, with that battle, a new hope.
From time immemorial, we have returned.
It is an old tale; one you have heard, one you have read and
one your soul knows to be true
When you read these pages, when you hear the call, will you
heed it?
We are here.
We still fight.
Do we fight alone?
Will you close your eyes, your minds, and your hearts?
Or will you join us in this quest for knowledge?
Will you walk with us the path?
Will you willingly seek out the answers?
Will you open yourself to the possibility of what this world
could be, or will you turn away?
Out of legend, from the beginning of time, the story
unfolds to yet again reveal to the world the one thing we have been
sent here to discover...


Jean Victoria Norloch's Truth: Novel Page 331

That was over 3 yrs ago, a though my faith in individuals has from time to time wavered my faith in HUMANITY and a WHOLE has remained strong...

Through all the bitterness and defeat – despite all those who came to me and said THEY WILL NEVER CHANGE... you stayed strong...

Many people told me that one voice could not change the world – and my answer has always been but I AM NOT ALONE... There are thousands of you out there – millions of you who heard the call of man and answered in your own way... So many independent writers, artists, musicians, makers of film, teachers, healers and countless others who gave of themselves to work towards a day of unity... There are far too many to name, too many countries even to count who have contributed to this global movement for change...

I put out this short video not so long ago a reading of a blog I wrote months ago to tell the NAYSAYERS that my faith in mankind would never falter...

Today I write to you to say thank you... For all that I have been and all that I am – for all that I have seen and believed – for all the love I have known cannot compare to what I feel for my brothers and sisters around the world today... YOU – ALL OF YOU have shown a strength and a solidarity unlike anything before seen on our planet...


I am honoured and privileged to be a human being living on Earth in these times and I thank you again ALL of you for having the STRENGTH to carry on...

For NEVER giving up – for NEVER giving in and for being the LOVE that defines us as a race...

For what I ask you could be a more powerful demonstration of God’s love for mankind than mankind’s love for one another...

With much love, endless gratitude and unwavering faith...

Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

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