Monday, July 11, 2011


A long time ago I knew a man, full of light and love. We would walk along the sandy shores of the land in which we lived and talk about the wonders in that land. I recall a moment in time when the light of the sun had caused a glint on the sand beneath our feet and so he sat there running his fingers through the grains musing about the intricacy of life and all its varied shapes and forms. ‘It is ALL connected’, he would say and place my hands alongside his to feel the heat of the sand that had been warmed by the sun above. He spoke of the flow of what he referred to as a life force through all things, and how it was the ebb and flow of that life force that brought sickness, sorrow, pain and even death yet he would always remind me that that same flow also brought us health, joy, ecstasy and life.

We would wander down roads that would seem by today’s standards not much more than paths and in his wake others would follow and listen to him as he spoke. They knew him to be a teacher, and a guide; a wise man of the people who was able to see and understand things that they could not yet perceive. He asked them simply to call him friend. “This is your home”, he would say to them, “Created for you... A place for you to grow, and explore this wonder we call life. It is a gift,” he would remind us, “a gift that needs be treasured and cared for; a gift that needs be appreciated and loved”. He spoke often of love, of the power that love for others had to heal.

He was a simple man, with simple needs and he had a way of finding reasons to smile in the simplest of things. He was fascinated by trees, and would often stop to rest beneath them explaining that their energy was a comfort to him and helped him to rest peacefully when he was weary. We would take our meals under the shelter of their leaves, as the land in which we lived was hot, the shade was much needed and we would choose to rest during the hottest part of the day only moving on as the sun would wane. It would have been folly to push too hard, as always there were children among the people who walked with us. He loved the children and would often stop his teachings to give his attention to a restless or impatient child. They (the children) were always more important you see and there were times when the teachings of the day would be put on hold until tomorrow so he could go play; running and jumping and climbing trees, always laughing; he never once turned down the chance to have a bit of fun. Playing, he would explain, was more important that hard work, as hard work could bring you things but play could bring you peace.

He would tell us that we could learn much that we had forgotten by watching the children, that through their example we could learn the value of laughter and of enjoying the miracle and wonders of the world in which we live. “If you could only see the world through their eyes,” he would whisper, “then you would know in your heart that all things are new and exciting and all experiences are adventures full of new things to explore.”

He spoke of the value of our emotions, explaining that being grateful for our food and offering it appreciation for the life energy it was giving to us would make the food more beneficial to our health by altering the value and worth of the food. “Your power”, he would explain gently, “is in your emotions and your ability to control them. In this world, created for you, you will only get back from it that which you put in, so if you feed it your anger and your hate then you will experience a world that offers you back anger and hate; offer love to the world and love you will get in turn.”
He had a gentle nature and a light touch, and his voice was always low and smooth like water running over the rocks in a slow moving stream. His words and the wisdom they contained seemed to flow from him, or as he explained to us, flowed through him from a place that held within it the knowledge of all the truths of man. Then he would point to his chest and to us and tell us that we also had that knowledge within us. “It speaks to you, sometimes only a whisper, but the voice it is there within, listen and you will hear”... Always he reminded us to be still and listen, always the promise that we too would understand.

In time many of us came to understand, many of us came to know the things he knew, not through him or his teachings but through our own connection and our own ability to listen. In time our roles changed from wide eyed students, to equals, although in his eyes we had never been less than he; it was, he taught us, up to us to decide that he was no wiser than us.

Time passed and the crowds grew, and although he knew that his presence and his teachings would upset those in power if he continued to draw too much attention, he refused to turn people away or to hide from those who sought to harm him. It was his choice he told us, his life to do with as he pleased and what he did pleased him so he carried on. And so too did his story, long after he was gone his words and wisdoms were passed down by word of mouth by those who had heard him speak. His legacy remained for many years untouched by the subtle changes that often come after a story has been repeated.

It was only after many generations and many hands and hearts that the story changed, although as we watched, again in wonder, we realized that the core of the message had by some miracle remained the same. We would return, he had told us, many times, just as he had come many times before, to live among the people and to help them remember the value of what he had told them. He warned however that the teachings would be misunderstood by many, and that some of the wisdoms he had shared would cause division and sorrow. He explained that for some it would be too hard to accept their own value and worth, too difficult to take on the responsibility of the knowledge he had shared. Others he said, would use the knowledge to build up their own wealth and riches, they would use their gifts to try to control others. It was not our task he told us to fight these people, but rather to do as he had done and through the living of our truths and the example we set by living our lives at peace with one another that we would help others to see the value of these things. Thoughts and feelings he would tell us, those are your strengths and your power, but if you allow them to run wild and uncontrolled they will become your weakness. “Do not waste time”, he warned, “in telling others they are wrong; for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will know you and through you they will also know the truth and the love that whispers to their hearts.” He also warned us that we would not often be together as the world would grow too large for us to stay in one place; that throughout our wanderings we would stumble on others like us but that our time with them also would be short as it was never meant that we should remain together hiding ourselves and what we had learned from the rest of the world. And so we parted then, knowing it would be a very long time before we would see one another again.

Thousands of years have passed since then, generations have been born, have grown and passed on, societies have risen and fallen and the world as we knew it then has changed far beyond anything we had ever imagined. Yet we remain, as we have always done, fulfilling the promises we made so long ago to take the gifts that he had offered and pass them on others. We wander and explore, and share our lives with those who would welcome us, share our understanding with those who would accept it.
At times the path has seemed lonely, for it is not always easy for others to understand and there are many times when the people we meet become angry with us and accuse us of telling lies. It has been difficult for some of us to not become angry at what we have seen; difficult to not feel disgust at the misuse and abuse of the gifts that he brought. Yet anger, even righteous anger, has no power to heal and so we have learned over the years to accept that this is so, and turn our backs to those who would wish to fight. It is after all not our war to fight and it is not our desire to encourage anger and division. So when we are told that we are sinners, when we are told that we are heretics, we do as we were instructed and walk away, knowing that some day they will come to see and then we will be welcome in our world once again.

The time has come, as many of you know for a shift in perception, for a new understanding and a deeper connection. Although many think it is a time predicted long ago, it is merely one of many that have occurred here on Earth over the years, one of many yet to come. As your world is ever expanding and evolving, ever changing, there is, as has been explained to us, no final destination, no right or wrong way to turn. As it is that during this time of change you are becoming more and more aware of the power within you to create whatever kind of world you wish in which to live we have come yet again to remind you of who you are and of what, when united in your purpose you can do. We have come, yet again to remind you that you have a choice.

Our time however is coming to a close, as we have watched and seen what you have done and are content with the knowledge of what you will create we have opted to take a step back and simply enjoy the experience of living in your creation. We see now that you understand, and we know that it is now safe to place our future into your hands. There is, as of now, not much more for us to do, as you it seems, have already begun to do these things for yourselves. There is not much more for us to teach you, as you have come to a time when you may now surpass the teachers. There is nothing more that we need help you understand as through your understanding you have come to a time when you are ready redefine the limits of your world. You have far exceeded any expectations and the world that you have chosen to create will be a wonder to behold and we will come to see what you have built but the time for messages and guidance is past as you now know the guidance in your heart to be all you need to take you forward into a future of love, light and laughter.

There is one more thing we promised we would do, one more message before choosing to retire we promised we would bring. One more question we need to ask and one more answer we may offer to give; one more chance for you to remember that you also at one time walked along side us rejoicing in the beauty of all that our world has to offer.

The Question... Do you know this man of whom I speak?

The Answer... That man is you...

Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

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