Saturday, July 9, 2011

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

Judge Not Lest YE Be Judged...
WOO HOO!!! We’re going Biblical...
Ok, so for those of you out there who follow my blogs you are more than likely thinking I’ve gone
right off the deep end; I mean it’s not often I wander down this particular path given my insistence in the past that all truths are valid and that our world was never meant to be inhabited by people who all think and act the same. Of course many of you also know my distaste for fanatical beliefs in any one subject and that it is often my want to encourage self examination and exploration of our world with an open heart and open mind.
I wrote a blog not too long ago that seems to have inspired some deeper thinking in some readers with regards to our perceptions of our world and how they affect our reality. Following the line of thinking wherein our thoughts and feelings create the reality that we experience and that we can by altering our view of things actually alter the way those things affect not only us but the world in which we live I explained that it might then be more than possible that the more we wish to fix our world the more we are focussing our thoughts on the fact that our world does indeed still need fixing. At the end of it I managed to come up with one mind blowing thought, ‘The Road To Hell Really Is Paved With Good Intention’. Yikes!!!

Of course I imagine it might also help if we redefined our perception of hell, but then I for one have never really bought into the whole fire and brimstone scenario, not in the way it is presented by some out there who think it a fine idea for all those who have ‘sinned’ to spend the rest of eternity burning in the fires of torment for their indiscretions. I almost apologized for the possibility that what I just said may have offended some of you but I thought better of it and will just instead state that if you are not in a place of understanding that agrees with that last statement then it’s ok, carry on doing your you but I ask that you do your you in a manner that does not interfere with me doing my me; in short do not write me to tell me that I need to spend more time examining the scriptures so that I may come to a place of peace within myself by finding Jesus. I found him a long time ago; he and I are good friends, such good friends in fact that I no longer feel it necessary to place the honorific capital at the front of any word that describes him. It is due to that connection that I no longer feel I should say ‘sorry’ for my understanding or for standing on my truth. So with that said let us dive a little deeper into the truth (or rather my understanding of the truth) of yet another overused and abused quote from the one book that seems to be misquoted and misunderstood above all others.
If we can ditch the whole idea of hell being a place of eternal and everlasting pain and suffering and bring it back a bit to a place where we can equate the idea of hell with an individual perception of the world in which we live then we can open the door to some serious alterations in our way of looking at ‘good’ and ‘evil’. Getting rid of all the excess junk that surrounds those two ideas, devils, demons, angels, the heavenly host and all that jazz and get back into a world that in inhabited by millions of people who are making individual choices every day that affect their lives and the lives of those they share their space and time with. Yes that’s right, people – just people, like you, and me and everybody else out there, trying to make their own way and struggling to also find their place. So if most of those ‘people’ believe that our world sucks, if most of those people believe that there are always enemies to fight, if most of those people believe that everybody else out there is lost in sin what kind of world are we going to be living in?
It’s sad I think that we have allowed ourselves to build so many walls with regards to our brothers and sisters around the world. It’s sad that we have spent so much time in our own search for truth focussing on the fact that the truths of others do not line up with our own. It’s sad that we have allowed ourselves in our desire to be closer to God to drift further away from that which is most beautifully and perfectly a physical representation of the very core of Creation. Created in our image they said, and yet we find it in us to point the finger and shout at our brothers and sisters that they do not know the truth. Sad that we cannot merely accept that all people, in all their varied understandings and perceptions of all things are in fact a shining example of that truth. For you see, if our Father, our Creator, the core of all that is exists and lives in ALL that is then is not ALL that is not divine?
Back to perception and how our own interpretation of our world affects the reality of the world in which we live. If we can point that finger and accuse others of NOT being divine then we have created a world in which NOT ALL THINGS are divine and we embark on a path that in time has us questioning our own divinity and our own connection to God. For if we can definitively say that even one person in our world IS NOT PERFECTION, then my friends we can no longer make the claim that ANY of us ARE.
And so we were warned by a dear old friend of mine long, long ago, “Judge not, lest ye be Judged”... Is it time perhaps to heed his words?
Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

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