Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good? Evil? Who are YOU to judge? For that matter who AM I?

Just to be clear on something, just because I write about a topic does NOT mean I think I have all the answers to the questions surrounding that particular issue. What it does mean however is that I am working on figuring this stuff out for myself and as it is in my nature to share what I discover as I discover it, I tend to feel no shame in writing about my latest ‘ah ha’ moment. Lately (ok longer than lately but let’s focus on today shall we) it has seemed to me that much time and energy is being wasted on trivial matters such as world peace, saving the planet and feeding the hungry. Now before you go off on me and get all indignant and up on your pedestal please hear me out and if at the end of this you still want to tear a strip off me by all means feel free to write to me – I welcome wholeheartedly any feedback you may have with regards to this particular idea.
It is not that I think that the things I mentioned above are not important but rather that our approach to changing that which we feel needs to be changed is perhaps a bit twisted. In terms of ‘saving’ our world (a phrase I have come to have much distaste for of late) I would think perhaps there are more important issues to tackle such as self love, teaching our children to follow their dreams and reassuring ourselves and the others we share our lives with that there are no limits to what we can accomplish.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

EVERYDAY CONNECTION - With Special Guest Veronica Torres...

She’s about as real as it gets and when you need to put that human connection back into your everyday connection Veronica is most assuredly the way to go...
We had a BLAST with her on tonight’s show but rather than spoil the fun for you by revealing here what was discussed I’ll simply direct you to little green button and ask you again to press play.
I promise you will not be disappointed...

To find out more about Veronica and what she does please feel free to check out her website at ELOHEIM AND THE COUNCILwhere you will find a plethora of great information and a whole lot of personality. Have fun and as always all my love...
Jean Victoria Norloch

P.S. Don't forget to join us next week while we explore the world of Shenanigans with my much loved and respected friend Momma Webb Cat.

ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TRUTH - In The Beginning...

“So,” his deep voice rumbled, growing louder as he walked towards where she was resting, “Now what...?”
He stood there, towering over her and she shook herself from her reverie to look up at him and squinted at both the sun and his eyes glaring down at her.
“Oh for God’s sake,” she groaned, “can’t you leave me in peace for even one day?”
“No”, the rumble became a purr as he softened both his voice and his approach, then lowering himself onto the sand beside her he nudged her gently with his shoulder, “you said you had a job to do and then suddenly you decide to retire?”
She sighed and shook her head, “I didn’t decide to retire, they did...” she raised her arm and shook it loosely at the sky, “Or rather”, she added with a giggle, “we did, collectively...” She cocked her head to the side and peeked at him through her long, silver streaked hair, “besides, it’s time. Look around you, they figured it out and now they are using what they have learned. They are doing amazing things, they don’t need us anymore...” She ran her hand along the surface of the sand and under her breath she mumbled, “Sometimes I think, they never did.”
“Have you lost your mind?” He grabbed her arm roughly, “You can’t possibly believe that? After everything you’ve done...”
“Oh,” she retorted angrily pulling her arm away, “and what is it I’ve done that somebody else could not have. No”, she took a deep breath to calm herself, “they would have figured it out on their own, given time, had we not interfered, they would have found their way.” She sighed again and shook her head then looked up into his steel blue eyes, “Why do you care? You never liked them anyways; I thought you would be happy...” She turned towards him and reached her hand up to tenderly touch his face. “Let’s not fight my heart, we managed to make it this far, let’s just move on and find some peace in this. We can get on with our lives now, with no more work to do we can just enjoy simply being. Isn’t that enough?”

Monday, July 11, 2011


A long time ago I knew a man, full of light and love. We would walk along the sandy shores of the land in which we lived and talk about the wonders in that land. I recall a moment in time when the light of the sun had caused a glint on the sand beneath our feet and so he sat there running his fingers through the grains musing about the intricacy of life and all its varied shapes and forms. ‘It is ALL connected’, he would say and place my hands alongside his to feel the heat of the sand that had been warmed by the sun above. He spoke of the flow of what he referred to as a life force through all things, and how it was the ebb and flow of that life force that brought sickness, sorrow, pain and even death yet he would always remind me that that same flow also brought us health, joy, ecstasy and life.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

Judge Not Lest YE Be Judged...
WOO HOO!!! We’re going Biblical...
Ok, so for those of you out there who follow my blogs you are more than likely thinking I’ve gone
right off the deep end; I mean it’s not often I wander down this particular path given my insistence in the past that all truths are valid and that our world was never meant to be inhabited by people who all think and act the same. Of course many of you also know my distaste for fanatical beliefs in any one subject and that it is often my want to encourage self examination and exploration of our world with an open heart and open mind.
I wrote a blog not too long ago that seems to have inspired some deeper thinking in some readers with regards to our perceptions of our world and how they affect our reality. Following the line of thinking wherein our thoughts and feelings create the reality that we experience and that we can by altering our view of things actually alter the way those things affect not only us but the world in which we live I explained that it might then be more than possible that the more we wish to fix our world the more we are focussing our thoughts on the fact that our world does indeed still need fixing. At the end of it I managed to come up with one mind blowing thought, ‘The Road To Hell Really Is Paved With Good Intention’. Yikes!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Depression and Self Repression... (my love-hate relationship with the wonder drugs of today)

Depression and Self Repression... (my love-hate relationship with the wonder drugs of today)
First of all – I hate the phrase wonder drug – knowing what I know now, it bothers me on such a deep level that advertisements on TV and Radio for the latest sure fire cure leaves me with a nauseous feeling in my stomach that sometimes takes hours to go away.

Of course it would be completely unfair of me to whine about the overuse and misuse of drugs if I could not offer up a story to explain my distaste for chemical cures so yet again I will reach back a bit in time and pull a few interesting experiences from my ‘been there, done that’ repertoire. I can only ask that you bear with me a little, these memories are old news to me, though for some of you they may come as a shock, please know that they cause me no pain as I have with time come to a more clear understanding of why. In short, don’t you dare feel sorry for me for having gone through what I have gone through – I certainly do not feel sorry for myself and my closest friends will tell you there is a certain level of appreciation and gratitude for these experiences as they have allowed me a very up close and personal look into the lives of those who have suffered loss.