Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Tribute...

Father’s Day?
A whole year it has been since I wrote on this topic and my first question has to be why... Why has it taken me an entire year to rejoice in the value and worth of those men in my life who have been a loving, supportive influence? Why has it taken me a year to get back around to saying thank you to them by way of my pen to those precious male peoples who have helped to keep me on my feet over the last year of life challenges?
Could it be that I have forgotten about all that they have done for me? Is it that they are not always in my thoughts? Not likely, since not only are they in my thoughts but most of them are also still a very active presence in my life; sharing my joys and offering the shoulder I need during times of sorrow. Perhaps much of it has to do with this idea that there has been a special day set aside to celebrate their gift of life to me; perhaps it is that I am so used to not worrying about it until Father’s Day roles around that I forget to say thank-you the rest of the year. Naw, that’s not it either because my life as it is now entails a great deal of gratitude and passing onto others my appreciation for the love they have shown me. Maybe it is that I just figure nobody is going to read a tribute to Dad’s at any other time of the year? Except all men appreciate any appreciation given at any time and I think the ladies out there who have been blessed enough to share their time and space with truly good men would agree that there really is no inappropriate time to say thank you to these men.

So why?
All these reason combined might make a very good explanation of it, or something else perhaps that one might wish to take into consideration. I have written about them many times over the last year, in fact they (these incredible men in my life who lift me up and inspire me to be a better person) make up an equal 50% of those incredible people I write about all the time – the only difference is I do not refer to those writings as a tribute to Dad’s. Yet they are, very much so, in that many of the men in my life who have always been there to assist and to guide are fathers, not just to me in the respect that they are protective loving energies on which I can rely, but in the respect that they too have their own children to whom they also share their love and guidance with.
Yet today is the day when we are to jump on board the society train and take the time to reflect on and show appreciation for these actions that are done out of love throughout the year. Ok – I guess I will play along for the moment, yet I have to point out that I would much prefer to encourage people to offer up random acts of thank-you all year long. In fact I would bet that for the most part people do, they just do not recognize it as such and there for it is not celebrated as much as the gift giving that will take place today. Silly? Maybe a little, still I think it is a good thing to have a day to be grateful for something, to have a day to rejoice and celebrate something as precious as our fathers as long as we do not use this day as an excuse to neglect them the rest of the year as surely they have not neglected us.
There was a time when perhaps one could view this much celebrated day as merely a commercial holiday set up by our genius business minded peeps in order to make a whole lot of cash. Old world thinking that, and if we want to complain and gripe about the power that media has to convince us of things then we could in fact write a while ‘nother blog. Today however is not the day to go there, today is the day to make a choice as to whether or not we will allow our perceptions of this particular holiday to shift. Our world as it is, with its ever shifting need to get back to the simple basics of life allows us to explore our own inner desire to also shift how we show appreciation into a much more simple display of love. People just don’t buy the things they used to buy on this day, they have changed that need to spend money into a day where they have chosen to stop their own life for a moment outside of the family and simply spend time with the man who spent so much time raising them.
You know, when I really think about it, it is not that we ‘need’ this day anymore to be grateful for what our Dad’s have done for us, it is that we have chosen to continue to celebrate this day in our own unique way with a more clear understanding of what it represents. So on that note – I say Happy Father’s Day gentlemen... goodness knows if we chose to continue to celebrate this day then it is because you chose to be the incredible men we are offering up this celebration for.

Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

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