Friday, May 13, 2011

My message to the Naysayers...

My message to the Naysayers...
Goodness knows, there are more than enough of you out there, I myself do battle with at least one of you every day. Our world as it is, full of doubt and fear, overtaken by power hungry men who would control the planet at the cost of the freedom of all others; this world that you perceive to be so full of evil cannot in your mind ever possibly change. So what does one say to this idea that all the efforts in the past and in the present have or are failing, how can one possibly argue against such logic. You point to the histories, battles, invasions, persecutions, the rising and falling empires and you say ‘you see, it has always been this way’. You point to our current troubles, religious wars, corruption, greed and a new invasion of a different kind (now they simply buy the country rather than overwhelm it with troops and force their way in) and you say ‘you see, it has always been this way’.

Yet I have to ask you, even as you point to these things, how on earth with eyes so wide open did you miss the small, seemingly insignificant acts that are the core reason why the dark side has not yet won? How is it you cannot see the power of the light in a child’s eye or the smile on the face of a stranger; how is it you do not see the millions who yet face this seemingly scary and dangerous world with laughter in their hearts and a spring in their step. Is it because the idea scares you, being the self proclaimed battle agent that you are that if on the off chance the war as you see it is won then you and your kind will have become obsolete? If there are no dark forces to fight, what then becomes of the light?

A wise man recently reminded me of the worth of these things and (albeit the long way around) also reminded that it is not in the grand acts of self sacrifice that the true treasure of this life can be found. I have written often enough about the little things and spent much time with pen in hand in an attempt to show others the power of those simple acts, yet perhaps I missed one that we forget the importance of. For all that there will always be those who will come to us and say – ‘don’t you see – the killing, the death, the destruction, don’t you see the torment and the abuse of our planet, don’t you see how much hate there is in our world’, there will always be those of us who say...

‘Yes I see, I see that people will always be there to tend the wounds of those who have been hurt by others, I see that for as long as there are hungry and homeless there will be those who are ready and willing to provide food and shelter, I see that for as long as there are those who are willing to destroy our planet in the interest of gaining wealth there will always be those who will pass by the garbage on the street and take the time to bend and pick it up.’

It is not about denying these acts of self interest that still exist in our world; it is about believing that these things are not acceptable and then acting on that belief. It is not about forgetting and ignoring the fact that yes in this world there is dark but rather it is about remembering and acknowledging that alongside that dark there is and always will be light. It is in fact about choosing which of these two elements of our world in which to put your energy and your focus and above all it is about acting on that choice.

Of course I have to admit I am also aware that sometimes the naysayer is merely a tool, an instrument to reignite the defiant fire within and remind some of us that yes we vowed to never give up – never give in and never admit defeat. Warriors of light some have been called and if that is the case then so too must we live by the warriors code –my path is loyalty, courage, mercy, awareness, balance, and if the battle I would rather avoid must be fought and if I must go down during the battle ; I am going down fighting.

So I leave you again with this mild reminder, as you go out there into the world and you do what you can to take action to change it; the most powerful weapons you have in this battle are your mind and your heart. So when they say to you ‘do you not see’ you will say ‘yes of course I see and for that reason it is more important than ever for me to believe and live as if the change we wish to see in our world is already here’.

Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

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