Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Mother’s Inspiration...

Every year around this time it comes to pass that millions of mothers are honoured and cherished for the sacrifices that they make for their loved ones throughout the year. Blogs are written, loving, moving, touching tributes to the women who stand behind us and are our guiding light. In keeping with the traditions of me not following traditions I think this time I will turn the tables on Mother’s day and let you all in on a little secret; something the mothers out there already know. In motherhood there is no sacrifice – only love...

There was this magic moment 14yrs ago when this tiny little bundle of gleaming light was gently laid into my arms and my life has never been the same. Not one moment has gone by that I have not thanked the heavens for bringing my angel to me as it is a knowing deep in my heart that without her my life as I know it could never be complete. You see she is special, my child; a gifted and talented girl with mischievous eyes and a wry smile that adds a touch of quirkiness to her gentle personality. Reflective she is, at times looking so deep within that she seems to become completely lost in herself and at other times looking so far out that I fear she may never come back. She is kind, compassionate, and calm; slow to anger and more apt to simply give you a look of ‘you did not just say that’ then to ever talk back or raise her voice. My own flesh and blood is one of the most complex personalities I have ever met and the person I may for most of my life be the one person I struggle the most to try and understand. She is and always has been for me a challenge; on occasion revealing profound insights that set me to pondering if life as I know it is really as it is. Yet more than being a challenge she has been an inspiration, and my reason for never giving up and never giving in. Quite simple put she is my life.

I have been asked often why I do what I do and although over the last two years I have offered many answers when it comes down to it I realize I do it for her. I push myself further and fly higher than I had ever dreamed simply because I cannot fathom offering my daughter a life in a world that will not welcome her tender heart with open arms. For her it is that I work so hard at doing my part to make our world a better place.

I tell her often I am not perfect, she accepts me as I am...

Can a mother ask for more?

If it seems at times that I work too hard or take too many chances it is only because I wish to show her that it is ok to take risks when you believe in your dreams and dedication to your chosen path is something we should all be proud of. If I bend and break the rules at times it is only because I wish her to understand that in life not all rules apply to all situations and all peoples; the choice is one that must always be made by the individual and the right to make that choice belongs to all.
If at times I do things that seem to be selfish and take action that seems to be all about me and my own happiness it is because I have learned that if I am not whole and happy in myself I cannot offer all of me to her. I would wish her to see that in this life your happiness must always be yours to control and to maintain because you cannot truly love and accept others until you have learned to truly love and accept yourself.

If at times I seem to wander off in odd directions it is only so that she will know that the path you walk is your own and it is something that you alone must own.
She tells me there are no limits and with her in my life I very much feel the truth and the freedom of those words.

Strong, independent, determined and stubborn... apparently in some ways at least she takes after me.
Yet why on earth would I write about my daughter instead of writing about my mother? It is after all only a couple days before Mother’s Day and it is expected I suppose that it is my mother I ought to be focussing my attention on.

Perhaps it is best explained this way; that in this life without this precious child’s consent to become a part of my life I myself would not have the extreme honour of being her mother and it is for that reason that today I write. To speak for the mothers out there who are receiving everyday the love they need in the loving eyes of their child, for the mothers out there who see and love you as you are and not as they would wish you to be.

On behalf of those mothers I say to our children...

Thank you for being the light in the dark, the spark in the fires of our hearts, the driving force behind our passion for life, our reason for being and our most precious and treasured gift. For in the eyes and the heart of a mother our children will never be anything other than the most profound miracle we have ever born witness to and it is for that reason that while you are thanking us this weekend and showering us with gifts we will be silently thanking you for the simplest of gifts already given because there is nothing more special to us than you.

Happy Mother’s Day ladies even though we know that really every day is Mothers Day and none of us would have it any other way...

Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

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