Monday, February 7, 2011

The Angel With Brown Feathers...

I was standing by my window, in my inner city apartment listening to Amazing Grace and contemplating the words.  It occurred to me how very precious every single moment in our life is and how beautiful our world can be when we open our eyes to the majesty and wonder that surrounds us.  I thought to myself how incredible the opportunity we have been offered in the living of any given experience to focus on that within the experience that brings light and love into our lives.  So wonderful this choice we have been given to decide our fate, to decide how our world will be simply through the act of choosing how we will perceive it.

I think back to not so long ago when I was lost in a world of pain and cannot bring myself to linger there long, only long enough to be grateful that today I can walk, today I can write, today I can share my version of the beauty that is the world in which we live.
When you reflect on the lyrics of Amazing Grace from a place of having been healed by that Grace you come to understand how deeply we are loved by our Creator and how vastly immense is our potential as a race to truly take flight on the wings of hope and love.
As I was staring out the window thinking about all the things that I have been blessed enough to learn, thinking about all the people I have been blessed enough to know, and thinking about the fact that I have truly discovered the power of being grateful for those things a magical vision appeared out of the sky.
Majestic, wings spread she alighted on a nearby balcony, completely out of place with her surroundings, standing out against the washed out dirty walls and windows ;  she reminded me that in every moment there is also a message if we but have the ears to hear.  I have never seen a falcon so large and so graceful in the city before, rare enough to have them grace you with their presence in the wild but to have her come to me here, and now in this place and time I knew there had to be a reason.
This was a perfect serene moment of peace, and as the music played I could not hold back the tears in my eyes at the Amazing Grace I had just been blessed with.
She stood there, staring at me as soft white snowflakes fell around her, and the children playing beneath never noticed, yet there across the way stood three strangers with whom I have never spoken.  In that moment while we watched in awe as she again took flight we were in a state of connection, mutually appreciating the wonder and magic of the moment.
In Native American lore, animals have ever been our guides; bring to us different messages in time of need. I looked up Falcon to find the missing element, and this is what I read...
 Falcon- Soul Healing, Accompanying the Soul Back to the Soul World, Teaching Swiftness, Controlling Speed and Movement, Understanding Magick, Astral Travelling, Healing Teaching Swiftness, Controlling Speed and Movement, Understanding Magick, Astral Travelling, Healing

Given my current appreciation for the state of unwellness that has allowed me yet again to have the time and the freedom to write it seemed to me that this bird, this angel on the wing was there to confirm for me all that I had learned in the last few weeks.
It makes sense to me now that in our life we bring ourselves challenges, it makes sense to me now that in our life we are at times seemingly surrounded by darkness for therein lies the contrast and much like her dark feathers standing out against the drab unnatural setting those moments of light when offered to us, even if they are small and seemingly insignificant shine for a brief moment brighter than any sun.

Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

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