Monday, January 31, 2011

To be or not to be... Enlightened? That is the question...

A wise hobbit once said “it’s a dangerous business going out your door, you step onto the road and if you don’t keep your feet there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to...”
Why pull a whimsical quote from a fantastic tale? Only to validate the rest of what I’m about to share with you.  Admittedly J.R. Tolkien’s classic tale of good versus evil would not be considered by most to be a serious teaching tool for those inclined to step onto the path of enlightenment but if one really digs beneath the surface story to the wisdoms buried within the truth cannot be denied; the man knew more than he was letting on.
A journey into self is wrought with danger and it takes a strong will indeed to face the powers of darkness and not be pulled from the path. 
Dangers? Powers of Darkness?  What’s this you say?  Are we at war?

Yes, and no; for those who make the choice to never look in the mirror, there is no battle to be fought.  For those who choose to remain as they are there is no threat to self.  They are as they are, and being quite content to be as they are, they will stay as they are, wrapped safely within their state of...
I could say complacency, or use the word acceptance yet it does not seem fair nor does it seem appropriate to use those terms.  Obviously one cannot be complacent about issues one has not faced nor can one accept things one does not know to exist.  Whatever you wish to define the state of those who have not yet chosen to step onto the path it cannot be denied that two things are true.  They are exactly where they are supposed to be or they would not be there and they are there because there is where they have for the moment chosen to be.
But wait you say, how can they make that choice if they do not know there is a choice to make?  To this I say, the inner you, the deeper you, the hidden you, that you that is connected to all of us, and all that is, does know... and it will decide without you what in the end is best for you.  That also is a truth.
What about the others?
The intrepid explorers who brave the unknown, the fearless souls who dive head first into the river of life that flows into the sea of knowledge; what happens to them? When they step out the door away from the safety and security of all they know to be real and true; where is it the wanderer goes?  What do they see and ultimately where do they end up?
That is the ‘key’ question and one that will forever go unanswered by those who do not take the chance to step onto the road and see for themselves.  For each individual the experience is unique and must be honored and embraced for its individual nature.
Is this quest for Truth an easy one? Certainly not, for one to begin the first step and often the most difficult is the long hard look into self.  An honest exploration of where you are now is required, an often times harsh remembrance of where you have been is a must and most importantly a free thinking ability to dream without limits about where you are headed is needed if you wish the freedom to get there.
So you take that first tentative step, you look behind you longingly at where you have been, convincing yourself that perhaps back there is not so bad.  It may not always have been easy or pleasant but at least it is a place you know, a place you are comfortable with, a place of familiarity that you have for so long called home.  You look down and see where you are, reflect a moment that this too may not be such a bad place; surely it would be simpler to sit and rest awhile here than to expend the energy needed to take the next step.  Then you look ahead and there off in the distance is a light that catches your eye; a glimpse of what could be.  Suddenly it occurs to you that in order to get a closer look you must will yourself to move forward.
There are a few things you will have to do, some obstacles you may have to overcome but as with any form of exercise (either of the mind or of the body) the more you challenge and push yourself the stronger you become.  There will be much to learn, both about you and the world in which you live, some of which you may take time to digest; fear not, time is always given.   You may find yourself in need of assistance from time to time yet you will quickly discover that you are not alone and as you venture forth you are guaranteed to encounter others like you who are willing to walk a while by your side.  It may happen that they do not stick around for long but those you need will always be there for as long as you need them.  
It doesn’t sound so bad, and perhaps you are thinking then what is this battle I speak of.  It is within you, this war that must be waged.  Some things about you will have to be accepted and embraced by you, some perhaps dissected, questioned even altered.  Eventually there will even be things about you that will need to be forgiven by you, yet in the process of doing so you will in the end learn to love you and that will free you up to be more you than you have ever been. 
It can at times be painful, even scary; there may be that in your life you wish to let go of.  There may even be those you share your life with who you will feel the need to leave behind.  Some of your friends, your family may not understand, some may not wish you to change, some will not wish to accept but then they are not why you are doing this.
Which leads us back to our original question: To be or not to be enlightened...
Is the quest for inner peace, the quest for truth worth the risks, worth the sorrow, worth the loss?  Is it worth the effort?
That you will have to decide for yourself, as I myself am still taking the long stroll down the twisted winding pathway of life and have not yet decided where it is taking me I cannot as of this moment tell you where you will end up.   Of course, as I have explained, each person’s journey is unique and though we may cross paths for a time, share experiences and learn from on another it is not for me to decide how it is you should get where you are going, nor for you to tell me where it is I should be.  I do know, I don’t wish now to go back to where I was, nor would I give up any of the experiences I have had along the way.  I have found that there is more joy than sorrow, that wherever there is darkness there is light and that for every loss endured a new treasure is found.  As for the effort, when you realize part way down the road how strong you actually are, your feet will get lighter, your steps more sure and your pace will quicken; the end result being that before you realize it you have forgotten you were walking and remembered that  you can fly.
Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

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