Monday, January 31, 2011

They call it Simply Spiritual

And it is...
Simple I mean; but we’ll get back to that.
Let's explore that other word first.  Dissect it a bit; discuss for a moment its meaning.
Spiritual: defined by the experts at Merriam Webster as being;

1)           Of relating to, consisting of or affecting the Spirit

2)       a) of or relating to scared matters
        b) Ecclesiastical rather than lay or temporal
3)         Concerned with religious values
4)         Related or joined in Spirit
5)     a) of or relating to supernatural beings or phenomenon
        b) Of, relating to or involving spiritualism
Which leaves us where?  In my view, nowhere close to simple.

The word itself has so many different meanings,  perceived by the masses in such a vast variety of ways, that it would seem impossible for some to accept the word as being simple.  Yet when we get back to the basics, take it down a notch, do away with all the hype and fancy explanations we can find ourselves in a place of simplicity.
There seem to me to be a lot of rules and rituals tied up with this one simple word.  There are a whole collection of do’s and don’ts, instructions and expectations that cause confusion and division.  The trick I think to keeping it simple is to get past all the outside influences and get back to inside where the spirit actually resides.
They call it connected, a state of oneness, being enlightened; I could go on since they call a lot of different things but I feel at the moment as if I would be wasting your time.  You see it is in my heart to tell you today that it doesn’t matter what they call it, all that matters is what it is in your heart that you feel it is.  After much contemplation and consideration I have come to the conclusion that I myself have grown weary of the teachings and guidance of self appointed spiritual leaders.  My reasons for this are my own yet I imagine that if I, a curious soul who is always asking questions, has grown tired of those who would force on me their answers, then perhaps there are others out there who have also become disillusioned by the whole scenario.
Now don’t get me wrong, the spirit within me is very much alive and well and still at one with the flesh, but then too, so is yours.   Perhaps that’s where in the confusion  begins, that in this quest for knowledge and inner peace, we forget that it is already ours.  There within you, at your core, is the part of you that is, always has been and always will be connected to all that is.  When we tap into the creative side of who we are we discover that our connection to the spirit ties in with our ability to create.  Now in an age when we are being told if we want a better world we have to create it, we struggle to figure out with the help of others how exactly to go about it. 
We seek answers outside ourselves; we go out into the world and look for that connection.  We rely on the wisdom and guidance of others to lead us to it yet it has never been something that we need to find.  It’s yours, right here, right now and it’s not going anywhere.  You see as much as we are human, prone to mistakes and full at times of doubt and fear, we are also all born of the spirit.   Being born of it, we are a part of it, it is a part of us and therefore our connection to it can never be severed from it.  Immortal, never ending, not needing to be redeemed or saved, we are as we are, perfect and complete, and simply cannot be anything else but that perfection.    
I guess that’s what makes it simple.
Simply put whatever it is that within you that dreams of a better tomorrow, that yearns to create a better world, whatever is in you that envisions something greater, more beautiful and more profound ; that is your you.  Make it your reality...
Pick up a pen, write a tale that tells a story of love, a story of hope, a story that inspires.   Pick up a brush and paint a picture that causes the viewer to stop and ponder it’s meaning.  Write a poem that whispers to the reader the secrets of the ancients, the secrets of your soul.  Sing, full of joy and gratitude for all that we have been gifted, or just hum a tune that catches the ear of those walking by. 
That is your connection, your creation done by you for you and benefitting all of us. 
I will never understand why we choose to complicate matters, why we choose to add things to the mix that seem to confuse the issue.  It’s really not that hard.  Basic and simple, a thing we all feel in our hearts to be a truth that when you walk out the door you are connected to all that you see and when you lay your head down at night to rest you are connected to all that is, it will never be any other way.
Spirituality and religion are often used to teach us things like compassion, understanding, empathy and love but honestly your heart already knows these things; perhaps it is only that today your you has chosen not to listen to your heart; or perhaps you were listening but have been afraid to allow others share in what you have heard.
We are all here together, and we all hold within us a magical ability to be and do whatever it is we wish, through our art, our vision, our creative energy there flows forth the change that our world needs, longs for and will have if we learn to let go and flow with it.
They say peace comes from within which means that it’s already there within you.  So maybe, just maybe the time has come to stop searching for it and just start living it.
That would be keeping it simple.
Niki Norlock, author of Truth - My Synchromystic Journey

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