Monday, January 31, 2011

The Spreading of a Young Warriors Wings...

When is the last time you asked a child’s opinion?
When is the last time you sat down with one of our youth, looked them in the eye and asked them “what do YOU think?”
My next question is why?
I’ve spent a large part of the last year diving into the minds of our youth and I have to tell you it was a highly educational experience.  I ask why  only because I know that many of us, myself included, neglect to give attention to the very real needs and concerns of those we are planning on giving this world to when we are done with it.  The very people we have in fact borrowed this planet from.
Shortly after asking the question of ‘why’, I am forced to follow up with the very pointed question of ‘what took us so long’.
They have a right to be involved in the decisions that affect them.  They do live here with us; they share our space, our energy, our world.  At times as unfortunate as it is, we forget.  We push them aside, we say things like “you wouldn’t understand”, “you are too young”, or “or let the adults deal with this, we have seen more, have more experience, in short, we know more”.
Do we?  Who is more closely connected to the source that created us all?  Our Youth; pure,  not jet jaded, tainted or embittered by the ‘realities’ of our world.   Realities created by us and defined for us by our years of experience.  They see more clearly the vast potential, beauty and power of our world than many of us ever will; unitl that is we twist their minds with doubt and fear. 
Often thought by adults as not being capable of absorbing, understanding or being able to handle the ‘facts’ they exist in a world where they see a clearly defined need for change and feel powerless to do anything to initiate that change. 
Angels with wings that have been temporarily clipped, this is how I view the majority of our youth today.
It is often said of late that humanity needs unite; that here and now in this place and time a massive battle is underway.  War is being waged in defence of our planet and our survival as a race.  A revolution of spirit, fought by an army of earth angels disguised as human fighters for freedom.  Sadly we have left out our most potent and powerful ally.  There on the sidelines of the battle ground sits a contingency of our army that have not yet been allowed to join the fray.
Why; who are we protecting?
Are we protecting them?  Are we thinking they will get hurt emotionally, scarred and damaged by the things they see?  Are we really so blind as to assume that they don’t already know; that they have not seen what our world has become?
They see it and they want something done about it.
Are we perhaps protecting ourselves, our precious ego...?
If we ask them for help, then we will have to admit both to ourselves and to them that yes, we messed up, and no, we cannot fix it alone.  That has to hurt our pride just a little, being the all powerful adults that we must ask a mere child for help.
Thing is, they are ready, they are waiting and many of them already know what needs to be done. Though it may surprise some of you, they are in fact already doing it. 
One excellent and eye opening example is Simon Jackson, founder to the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition.  He was a tender age of 13 yrs when he began his war against the mighty logging companies that were threatening the habitat of a rare breed called the Spirit Bear.  Not only did he win, not only does he now head up one of the largest youth coalitions for environmental awareness but his life (yes all 13 precious years of it) and story made such a large impact that they made an incredibly inspiring movie to tell his tale.  You can check him and his organization out at the following link –  or Google ‘The Spirit Bear Youth Coalition'.
Or watch a short clip of him here...
Once you are done taking this amazing tour of what it is to find your voice and use it; reflect for a brief moment on the fact that this incredible man was only 13 when he chose to turn the world he knew on its head.
My point?  That’s one kid, one young person who believed his contribution mattered.  One small voice raised above the noise of society to shout, “I can, I will, I AM”.  One small child who realized he could fly.
What happens when we encourage them all to spread their wings and take flight...?
Jean Victoria Norloch

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