Monday, January 31, 2011

My reality vs. your reality?

I always promised myself I would not write when I am angry so as not to spread that energy out to others, however it has occurred to me that if I am to be completely open and honest in my work I cannot hide away when I am disappointed or discouraged by what I see.
It is the game of right and wrong that these days is bothering me; one speaks his truth as he sees it and another comes along and tells him his truth is in fact a lie.  We all do it, we are all guilty of this at one time or another, we are all guilty of it more than we are willing to admit and although it seems to be our life’s work to help to change our world for the better we still slip once in awhile and unawares in many cases force our beliefs on others.  My favourite phrase to dislike these days is ‘they are not awake’ add in a pinch of ‘they don’t see’ and a dash of ‘still sleeping’ and what do you get?  In my mind you get us being just as arrogant and ignorant as those in charge of the system that many of us agree is not working. 
Who are we to accuse anybody of not knowing if we cannot say that we definitively know?  So I put this question to you as well... DO YOU?  Do you know all the truths to know about our world, do you know all the facts; do you in fact have all the answers?  No?   Is ok – me neither...
So many of us now walking around the world who see things more clearly than we did, who have a new awareness for the interconnectedness  of all things.  This is amazing and magical and beautiful; it is in fact the miracle of our times that we see the need for unity and peace.  We see the potential of shedding our materialistic values, see the promise of a new age of light and love in the letting go of old beliefs and burdens.    We are aware many of us for the first time in this life that we have within us the power to remake, recreate and rebuild the world in which we live.  Through the choices we make, the lives we live and the actions we take we can be the change we know in our hearts is coming.  Yet at times we forget how we got here, to this point of awareness.  We forget that it was a very personal journey, an experience we had to live through, something we had to see for ourselves.  Many of us spend a great deal of time telling our stories and sharing our experiences, many in fact have made it their sole (soul) purpose to do just that.  So many out there paving the way for others who have yet to come, so many out there making sacrifices to lay the ground work for the next few years.  The problem is this, we are not laying the ground work, we are not even close to the first nor will we be the last.  It is in fact a process and although we are all a huge part of the process, we are not the only answer.  We are only a piece of a massive yet unseen picture being painted.
I have had an interesting couple days, out of it has come the need to take a closer look at how exactly I am meant to contribute to the very potent, very powerful and very real spiritual revolution that is currently underway on our planet.  Being a writer of words it is easy enough to share my tales, easy enough to document what I see and pass it on, easy enough to tell my own truths but in the act of doing that I have to remember to be very careful indeed to remind both myself and my readers that those truth are mine not theirs.  I sat down and went through my journey, went over in my head the people that influenced and encouraged each new step on my path and it occurred to me that the ones who told me I already knew where I needed to go were the ones who helped the most.  It was the ones who shouted loudest about their training and acquired knowledge that were the ones who I ended up running away from.  The ones who threw titles and position at me, were the ones who turned out to be the exact opposite of what they claimed to be and it was the ones who allowed me to come to them rather than forcing themselves on me who earned the most respect.  Above all it was the ones who also had many questions who seem to be still with me on the journey and me so much happier and balanced for their presence. 
It is something I would like to work on, something about me that I would like to be aware of and so for that reason it is also something that I must write about in order to understand and explore.  Along the road there comes a time when we all say to ourselves ‘holy crap – how can they all be so bloody blind?’ and it is at that precise moment when we undergo one of the biggest tests to self.  What do we do with that thought?  We could spend a life time trying to wake them all up, waste precious resources and energy trying to pry open their eyes or we could take the high road and simply go on about our day.  I think that things are meant to be this way, that there will always be others who may not see things as we see and it is up to us to decide that that is ok. Then once decided we can get on with the task of living; living our own lives, our own truths and having our own experiences.  We can also keep sharing, through our writing, our songs, our music, our poems and our paintings we can keep telling our stories.  Just as the stories from those who have come before have helped to guide us so too will ours be there to help light the way for others, as long as we understand that it is their choice as to whether or not they wish to turn that light on. 
We live our lives and through the example of those lives we leave behind a trail of clues for others to find, a path of bread crumbs to lead them home.   If they don’t see them it does not mean we are meant to stop walking.
Of course that too is only my view, it does not have to be yours...
Jean Victoria Norloch

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