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let Them In

Self healing might come from within but it can be helped along and encouraged by others...
Let them in...
Some might say I have too much time on my hands, but I am a writer and when I write the pain goes away.  We will get to the why of that soon enough as we take each step – each new day to another level we will explore how fulfilling your purpose and finding your joy will help to heal your body, mind and spirit...
One of the most important things I believe about self healing is recognizing the fact that you do not need to do this alone.  Yes it is true the healing has to come from within as ultimately it will be your state of mind that will insure the healing process begins, continues and ends successfully but the knowledge to do so may come from others.  I would point out that you already know how but it is possible as you are in a state of unwellness that you may not remember how so do not be afraid to accept the help and guidance of others.
Keep in mind as you explore different methods that not all of them will work for you, you may find that something that another person swears to be a sure fire cure may do absolutely nothing to alleviate your pain.  That does not mean that the thing that will work for you is not out there, it is, you just need to find it.  Ask questions, as frequently and as honestly as possible to others about their own experiences.  Seek out others who have gone through the same thing and share your stories with them.  Utilize the tools and information that you gather to put together a personalized programme that works for you and do not be overly hard on yourself when you do not always stick to it.  Miraculous healing is of course possible, that has been proven yet not everybody believes that is so and many feel that there is a process to getting better.  Still even if you don’t believe in miracles (and by the end of this I am hoping to prove that miracles do happen) you may find it easy to put faith in the fact that your healing can be sped up.  So let’s work on turning things up a notch.
Out there in our wonderful world of diversity there are several methods of alternative healing.  Energy healing for example has been used for thousands of years by practitioners to bring into balance the energy of the patient in question to help them heal faster.  Running on the theory that we are all made of energy and that our physical being is only a manifestation of that energy these teachers and healers utilize methods that allow the energy to flow more easily through the body thereby initiating the healing process. 
Herbal medicines have also been used for centuries as well as the old fashioned tried and many times proven true method of altering your diet and exercise routines.  If you are choosing to go this route it is recommended that you be sure to do your research and again as you seek out the assistance of healers you must be honest with them about your condition.  They may ask some very personal questions in order to gain a more clear understanding of why your body is not cooperating as it should.  Be honest, open and willing to share your fears and concerns.  They cannot help you if they do not understand the full scope of what ails you. 
It is also important to make them aware of whatever treatments you are undergoing that have been recommended by  your doctor, as most healers will wish to work in concert with the doctors not against.  If you are exploring herbal remedies also be sure to inform your doctor about any herbs you are taking including teas as they may interact with any medications that the doctor has prescribed.  Although many doctors still do not believe or support alternative medicines as times change so too do their opinions on things that science up unitl recently did not wish to understand.  Again I encourage you to be open and honest with your doctor about your ideas.  If for example you are seeing a Reiki master there is no harm what so ever in sharing that information with your doctor.  It could in fact have beneficial results just not for you but for other patients as well.  When you heal and heal you will, the doctor may be amazed by the results and may wish to include the information about your alternative methods in their documentation of your case.   This benefits us all, as it furthers the understanding and encourages a marriage of traditional healing practices with that of modern day medicine.
Again understand as you go through this not all days will be good days, that is ok – take note of your bad days and your good days, if you are so inclined, keep a diary.  You may find a pattern emerges, something that will help to indicate the root cause of your physical ailments.  Perhaps exposure to certain places or people either helps to alleviate your pain or increase it.  Various thoughts and feelings may also come to light as either being helpful or detrimental to your condition.  Having awareness and understanding of these things is important to your healing. 
When having bad days – accept that they are bad days and rest as your body is telling you to rest, do what you can on your good days and work at finding a balance between active living and resting.  Do not push yourself to go beyond where you are comfortable going yet be cautious of complacency that leads to apathy.  There is a danger in accepting that there is no cure – a danger is accepting that this will be your future.
Another important step is to accept your anger about the situation and share that as well with your doctor and other healers you may be working with.   There is no shame in being angry about your situation and facing that and acknowledging it is a very important part of the healing process.
Others may see things that you might not see for yourself, especially to a well trained healers eye they may be able to recognize that within your life that is making you unhappy and unwell, that which you may not be willing to for the moment to accept as being no necessarily beneficial for your own personal growth and healing.  Try to keep an open mind to the suggestions of others and try not to see them as criticisms.  It may be extremely difficult while you are wrapped up in your pain to accept the possibility that choices you have made are contributing to your suffering but it is often easier for others to see truths about our lives that we are not yet willing to see for ourselves.  Discuss, be open and do your best to listen with your heart not your mind.  As I have often pointed out though admittedly I do not always listen to it myself your heart will tell you what you need to know – all you need do is listen.
Your body will also tell you what is best for it if as a good friend of mine pointed out you are willing to open up a conversation with it.  No joke, talk to it, ask it what it would like you to provide for it in return for it also providing good health to you.  It is after all a part of you and it may very well have a few things to say about how you have been treating it.  As your troubles have become physical it does stand to reason then that getting back in touch with that part of you that is physical will help to further your progress.  My friend did however make a valid point when he cautioned that I not make promises I can’t keep.  While he was telling me via a Skype call to ask my body what it wanted or needed I was getting the message loud and clear – ‘ I would really like more water – I like water – water is good for me – do you think you could give me more water’ . When I mentioned this to my friend however he reminded me of a couple of things – the most important I think is not to promise I will up my water intake – and do it for a week then suddenly stop.  Then I am breaking the agreement and there is no doubt my body would be exceptionally disappointed with me; it may even cause a minor setback as my body rebels against my inability to keep my word.   So only agree to that which you can provide.  Instead to 8 glasses a day or even four – start with one – maybe two – then work your way up.  At least that way you won’t be back tracking and you won’t have to undergo the shock of a rather large alteration in your daily routine.
Back to that accepting help thing.  As you learn to be more open and honest about yourself both to yourself and to others there may be some things you will discover that you may wish to let go of.   This too can be scary, but in asking for assistance both from the people in your life and the energies that surround us things will come your way to replace those things that you are choosing now to let go of.
If as in my case being a waitress is no longer an option, both physically and spiritually other jobs and means of income will come along once the conscious decision is made to walk away from where you now are.  Again this is where listening to your heart is important, and following your instincts.  As opportunities arise it is important to recognize them as such.  Equally important to follow your inner voice, and if for example you get the strong urge to pick up the phone and call an old friend you have not heard from in a while it is probably in your interest to pick up that phone.  Who knows they may have a suggestion as to a hobby, job or even career that you might not have considered yourself.  It may be something that you are able to do even with your physical restrictions, something that you may enjoy, something that you may find yourself loving.  If that is the case then run with it, consider it a blessing that you are being given this opportunity and follow whatever path ends up being laid at your feet.  You might just be amazed at how quickly your body responds to your happiness.
If I am to be completely honest, which I did after all promise to do, in my case I am well aware of the fact that writing is my souls desire.  It makes me happy to write things that inspire and bring joy to others.  It brings me comfort in times of trial to put pen to paper.  Writing however does not always pay the bills, and as I have a daughter to care for and feed it has been difficult for me to let go of the one job that provides an income for my household.  So how do you get around that, well I imagine that apart from my own issues with regards to fear and doubt I also managed to convince myself on a subconscious level that the only way I would ever quit work is to be too sick to work.  Sounds farfetched to some I am sure but it has been proven more times than I care to admit that thoughts become things.  So if I would not consciously quit my job as a server, would not have enough faith in my own skill as a writer to give up the security of a pay check perhaps my subconscious mind worked out a plan unbeknownst to me with my body on how to get me out of the restaurant and back onto my computer.
Now the trick is to get my health back so that I can follow my dreams now that I am not following my fears of not being able to pay my bills. 
Of course this is not something the average person would see for themselves, there is usually and intermediary of some sort to point out these things.  Be thankful for that person, do not begrudge them their judgements as they have a clear – outside – not interfered with by emotion view of your situation. 
This is why it is good at times to have friends you consider to be wiser and more experienced than yourself, when you have respect for the advice of those around you also tend to listen more attentively to that advice.
So explore your options, and explore you thoughts and feelings and those of others who you know and trust to tell you truth.  Perhaps you will find that the truth that irritates you today may just the truth that saves and uplifts y
ou tomorrow.
Jean Victoria  Norloch

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