Monday, January 31, 2011

Let Sleeping dogs Lie...

"When the butterfly emerges from the cocoon it does not shun its wings and pine for crawling.  It does not refuse to fly fearing it will fall or that it will be alone forever.  It flies away and follows its inner guidance; doing "butterfly things."  Once it embraces its new identity and lives it, it encounters many other butterflies.  So, rather than poking at the sleeping, kicking and screaming at them actually, and find and follow our inner lead; we too find there are many other butterflies for us to meet and enjoy flying with." – Nestor
It’s a beautiful visual and one of the most graceful ways I have ever heard somebody say “mind your own business”. As it is my desire of late to encourage open and honest conversation about the issues facing us today I have point out that too many of us have forgotten this very important life lesson.  So focused are some on the idea of others not yet being awake or seeing the truth that they forget to nourish their own personal growth and advancement.  Regardless of where we are on our life path there will be those with whom we share our time who simply to not see the world as we see it.  Personally I would think this a blessing as it opens up for us an opportunity to see the world through another’s eyes, to take a glimpse into a reality and truth that we may yet not ourselves have considered.  If all our energy is spent pointing out how others are doing things wrong, how is it we will ever manage to  keep enough energy for ourselves to create new more effective ways and help to initiate the change we all know is both needed and occurring in our world.
I wrote a piece recently called my reality vs. your reality which discussed this very issue but it seems I may have left out one important factor.  It was something that occurred to me many months ago but that I never really explored the potential of until now.  There is a theory, well tested and explored that the belief of something when felt deep inside to be a reality does in fact become our reality.  This can be found in the practices of our ancient ancestors and the wisdoms our indigenous tribes with regards to their ability to manipulate and control the weather.  The trick it seems is not want the rain to fall, nor is it not simply be convinced that the rain when needed will fall but rather to put one’s self into a state of being in the midst of falling rain; to feel the wetness of the raindrops on our face, to smell the freshness of the air and the musky scent of the earth. 
This is of course only an example, and far be it from me to assume that this is an easy trick to manage, in fact I expect it takes a uniquely creative mind to be able to visualize and create on this level. Thankfully all humans are uniquely gifted and creative so this idea leaves us with world of possibilities open at our fingers tips if we take the hint and follow their lead.  If the theory is sound then it stands to reason that it can also be used to create feelings of peace and unity simply by living in a state of being at peace.  The problem is unfortunately that is very difficult to feel at peace when one is always focused on that within out world that is not peaceful.  Which is not to say that we should not do what we can to help others but it is important to consider and reflect on how it is we choose to offer that help. 
I am quite honestly sick of hearing people whining and complaining about how the world is never going to change, as it seems to me that this focus on the idea of the world not changing is indeed part of the reason we are still moving forward at such a slow pace.  Who does it benefit I wonder to spend our energies on these ideas when we could in fact instead be living our lives in a state of knowing that the world is changing at exactly the right pace and that humanity is at exactly the right place.    In all our attemplts to speed up the process are we in fact slowling it down by making a still sleeping population a part of our reality.  So much the better for our world I would think if we can lose ourselves in the joyful act of living a life in line with our own teachings and beliefs and allow others to join the fun if and when they are ready. 
So I ask how hard would it be to spend a day only seeing the beauty and good in our world?  Can we in fact in our own way and on our own time expereiment with this idea.  Can we use it as a form of light hearted play when interacting with others?  It is well known that one smile, a seemingly small and insignificant thing can infect and entire group of people within minutes.  It is also widely accepted that laughter is contagious so knowing that what can we do with it?  We talk about peace in our world and wonder how to get it; we discuss theories and idealisms, struggle to come up with solutions.  What if the answer is as simply as just being happy...
What if in being happy and full of joy you are able to in turn cause others around you to feel happy and be in a state of joy.  Oh yes I know it sounds too easy, sounds like it would never work because oh my goodness there are oh so many problems still in our world that need be dealt with.  My point is that being aware of those issues does not have to stop you from not being affected by them; in fact being aware of the troubles is a very strong incentive to NOT be affected by them.  Forget all you know or all you think you know about how to save the world and just for one moment get into a state of knowing that the world does not in fact need to be saved.  As strange as it may seem that sense of quiet contentment may just be your most powerful weapon against poverty, corruption and greed.  It is not living in a world that desires peace that will be the birth of it; it is a world knowing that we already have it.
You really want to wake the world up?  Rethink the old adage ‘let sleeping dogs lie’.
Jean Victoria Norloch

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