Monday, January 31, 2011

It begins and ends in silence...

Much like the miraculous cycle we call life a Deva Premal and Miten with Manose concert is born, comes to life, grows, expands then slowly fades into the darkness of night.  So it is from a place of feeling I write as to do anything else would not fairly honour the love with which they offer their gift of music.
Of course, I use the term music lightly since it seems to me that the melodious mixture of rhythm and beat transcends that which is merely heard; this song, this beautiful soulful offering is one that must be felt.
Blessed are those who get the chance to hear them play, blessed more so are those who meet them.  Peaceful, balanced, grounded and open...  Those words might do them justice if not for the one word that supersedes all the other words that come to mind.  It is the one word that describes the feeling of being in the room with them.  It is the one word that describes what one senses when you sit down with them to talk. It is the word that describes their journey, their relationship with each other and those who they allow into their lives.  One precious word – LOVE...
The best part about having the chance to meet them in person is in the knowing that the description above may make them smile, they may accept my words with a slight bowing of their heads and a whispered Namaste yet adoration is not their hearts desire.   Interaction with the crowd is what I felt drives their energy when performing on stage.  I believe they embrace the chance to blend their energy for a time through the sharing of their gift with the energies of those who would otherwise be strangers. 
It is the creation that stirs the soul within, the dream of unity that empowers the work and the humble spirit of the connected messenger that allows for the purest delivery of their message of love. 
In honour of that same spirit it is fitting that as serious as both the music and the message are the joy with which they are both delivered lightens the burdens of those who would wish in their hearts to create a better more peaceful world.  There is a light hearted humour, thanks to Miten a spattering of comedic relief not to be out down by Manose who offers an easy banter with his fellow artists.   Combined with the gentle motherly nature of Deva these elements create a space of inner stillness.   Their approach in performing is simple and honest and it is obvious to all watching that they are very much in love with each other and their art. 
They encourage the crowd’s interaction both with themselves and each other throughout their performance.  There is an intense energy that is built up as the ones sitting in the place of the audience join in and become performers.  That is the magic moment, the moment of now when an entire theatre full of strangers stands together and sings as one.  Accompanied by the remarkably moving flutes of Manose the songs take the crowd to a new heights; peace for the moment seems attainable, in fact to sit and look into the eyes of Manose as he plays means that peace seems inevitable...
One voice, one message and one heart; that is what one feels upon leaving a Deva Premal and Miten with Manose concert and how I think after meeting them that they would all wish us to feel long after the music stops.
Jean Victoria Norloch

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