Monday, January 31, 2011


And there was...
This is a vitally important quote to remember because it will be a large part of the healing process.  The only difference is it will be YOU who says ‘LET THERE BE LIGHT’.
I think the turning point for me in this little adventure into pain was on Christmas Day when an old friend gave me a call.  I had taken some time to do an article about him a few months ago in the hopes of getting him some support for his work on helping those he worked with fight against a union that was treating them unfairly.  I found him through another friend and as I worked with him and his team on gaining an understanding about what their concerns and issues were I also began to get insight into the depths of the man’s heart.  He is one of those people who will fight for what he believes to be right no matter what the costs to self may be and for him what is right is what is fair.  Honesty and integrity seemed to be his guides and I grew to both respect his work and him as a person.
Christmas day found me lying on my back yet again in pain, but surrounded by what is now my family, my boyfriend, my daughter, roommate and her boyfriend.  I was hurting yes but for the moment content to stay on my couch and essentially do nothing.  I knew that there was danger in accepting where I was and not doing what I could to get off my couch but the pain had me trapped it seemed and as much as my heart told me I had to start moving forward again on the path that I had chosen two years ago I could not find the motivation or the will to do so.  I realize of course that my guides and teachers have been trying to drill into my head for more than a year that the actions and feelings of others are not my responsibility but there is yet a part of me (and always will be I both fear and hope) that will not wish to write unless what I write can touch and inspire the hearts of others.  As I was feeling like much of what I had done was not making a difference I could not bring myself to continue.  This of course was not a healthy attitude to have and if I had just taken the time to take stock of all those in my life who have supported my work I would have already been on the road to wellness; I didn’t, so I wasn’t.
He called me in the afternoon and his reason was enough to make me revaluate and rethink where my heart and mind currently were; pain or no pain it seemed what I do and have done as a writer mattered and that was all I needed to get back some of my strength.  He wished me well, told me that our mutual friend had passed onto him that I was not and he wanted to remind me that there were people out there who were praying for me.   He explained that though I may not know how my work had touched their hearts or their lives I should trust that it did, that I did.  He said that in this busy life we do not always take the time to stop and let people know how much we appreciate them but that does not mean that they are not appreciated.  To remember that all that I do, all that I say and all that I am affects others was in his mind something that I might need to hear. To let me know that I was in his heart and his thoughts was his Christmas gift to me and is was the gift that on that day meant more than any other I could have received.
Everybody needs a turning point, a moment of clarity to remind them that they are needed and loved.  Everybody needs that moment of light. It is a moment that you may or may not choose to recognize.  Those moments, they are important and they are there for you to have and hold and call your own if you are willing to open your eyes, your mind and your heart.  People come into our life for a reason and what you choose to do with that gift is also up to you.  Lost in the dark and seeing no way out is a scary scenario for any person but a choice needs to be made to seek out the guiding light in your life.  Sometimes it goes hand in hand with finding and living your purpose, sometimes it goes hand in hand with hearing a reminder that you already are. 
Life is full of magical moments and we forget sometimes to stop and appreciate them especially when we are at our lowest, when we are sick or suffering loss.  We forget to see that there is beauty in all things even those we may not for the moment understand as being beautiful.  We forget and are reminded by those who share our world, those who the angels have sent our way to reach out a helping hand and raise us up. 
Yet seeing these things – acknowledging them is as I said a choice.  It comes with choosing to want to be and feel better, with wanting to fulfill and live your dreams.  Yes I know it may sound impossible, to one who is going through a situation where they seemingly have no control over their own body let alone their future.  It may seem impossible to somebody who lives day to day never knowing if tomorrow will bring joy or pain but then we must also remember that even the healthiest and strongest of us can fall.  There is much to be said about the truth of our thoughts being both our power and our reality.  If you allow yourself to never see the help offered, the way out, the helping hand, the light in the dark then in the dark you will remain. 
Today you may make a choice; you may choose to see that in your life which inspires you and makes you feel whole.  You may choose to see that in your life which brings you joy or you may choose not.
You may choose to accept that you have limitations and that there is much you are not able anymore to do – or you may choose to list the things that you CAN still do.   The doctors bless their hearts are very good at making sure that you accept the things your body cannot handle, but it is not often that they will ask you to list the things that you CAN do...
Thankfully you need not wait for them to ask, you can do it yourself once you decide that it will help you to do it.  That too is a choice.  My doctor made me go through all the things I cannot do, but that was not of his choosing, it was the forms you see that the government wants filled out.  It’s how it is worded, how the question is posed that affects how we think about our illness.  I say we can also choose to switch that up – to turn it around.  I say instead of listing the things you are no longer capable of that instead you list the things you ARE capable of, add to that while you are at the things that you enjoy and now you have something to see the light in.  Life is what we make of it as I am often reminded of by the various challenges that I face while I continue this journey.  Life is what we take out of it, what we see in it, what we perceive it be and I am absolutely positive that it is a truth that limitations do not further our mission when working at getting well.  Sure it makes sense to not strain an already damaged body, but does it not also make sense to be aware of and appreciate what that damaged body is able to accomplish.
Whatever we can do to heal heartache, to heal the loss of those we love we can also use to heal ourselves on a physical level.  In fact it is often said that healing the heart, mind and spirit are an absolute sure fire way to heal the body.  With that in mind let us keep in mind that to heal the heart one must see, feel and be love, to heal the spirit one must live in harmony with it, to heal the mind one must both use it and appreciate what it too is capable of.  In effect to heal – one must see all the good there is, in their life, in our world and even in the unfortunate situation one may be in.
‘God said let there be light, and there was’
You say let there be light, and there will be...
Jean Victoria Norloch

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