Monday, January 31, 2011

Do you remember?

Do you remember the other day when you saw the elderly man struggling with his bags, trying to balance himself and his cane as he stepped onto the bus?  Do you remember how you took his bags from him and offered him a seat?  Do you remember how you got off with him at his stop and helped him to the door?
Did you know that his heart is weak and that in the summer heat he simply did not have the strength to make it home?  Did you know you saved his life?
We did, we were watching...
Do you remember the little girl who used to live next door? Do you remember the day she fell and scraped her knee while playing on the front walk? Do you remember that her momma wasn’t home and that there was no one around to tend her wounds?  Do you remember coming out of the house to walk the dog and finding her there crying on her steps?  Do remember taking her into your house, drying her tears, bandaging her knee and giving her treats?
Do you know what she does now?  Did you know that she went to school to be a nurse?  Did you know that she works in a children’s ward and with gentle hands she heals the hearts of angels every day?  Did you know that for every child she meets she thanks you silently for showing her the way?
We did, we were watching...
Do you remember the young woman you picked up by the side of the road, you know the one...  Her car had broken down and you were late for work that day because you took the time to drive her to safety in a town close by where she was able to get help.
Did you know that in the car behind yours was a predator of women?  That he was oh so annoyed when you stole from him what would have been his latest victim?
We did, we were watching...
Do you remember in high school, the girl you found crying in the washroom?  You got into so much trouble that day for skipping school because you spent the day down by the river talking.  Of course how could you forget, you’ve been friends for 20 yrs.
Did you know that in her bag was a bottle full of pills?  Did she ever tell you that the abuse at home had simply been too much?  She had felt so desperately alone and those pills were to be her final stand.  Thanks to you, she never got the chance.  She never told you huh?
We are telling you know, we knew, we were watching...
How about the lady that you let cut in before you today while you were driving home?
Did you know that thanks to you she managed to arrive at the hospital on time to see the birth of her first grandchild?
The little boy you smiled at today in the elevator.  Do you remember that?  He looked so very sad and you stopped to ask him what was wrong and tried to make him laugh; it seemed such a small thing at the time.
He would not have been watching where he was going when he stepped onto the road, anger clouding his vision; he would not have seen the car.  You distracted him, you did.  Just long enough to ease his anger and make him forget.
We saw, we were watching
Oh yes and one more person, how could we forget...
Do you remember the young man you used to give money to on the street a few years back?  He played the sax, standing on the corner collecting coins every Saturday.  Do you remember how much talent he had?  Ever wonder if he still plays?
You can ask him tomorrow.  You see he went to school to be a doctor and luckily for you he will be on call tomorrow afternoon.  So when you wake up and after they have explained that you have been in an accident but that you should be ok thanks to the quick thinking of the surgeon who treated you ; don’t forget to ask him when you meet him if he would mind playing you a tune.  It will probably make his day as he too has long forgotten.   You though, you have the chance to remind him of the impact that he made.
Please don’t forget, we’ll be watching....
Jean Victoria Norloch

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