Monday, January 31, 2011

The Beauty of a Shared Experience

I have a friend who lives on the other side of the world, a good man, simple and true.  I have not spoken to him in some time but he is often on my mind as I move forward in my life and my work.  There are few people out there, though admittedly the number grows every day who truly appreciate the basic simple things in life.  People who have a base understanding of the importance of family values, compassion and understanding are very precious to me and very much respected regardless of their age, race or background.  I would wish for him to forever be in a state of joy, so that he may continue to share that joy with others.   Being the pen that I am I feel I have no better way to honour the man that he is than to pass his message to me onto to you so that we may all remember the meaning of the times in which we now live.
He told me a leader walks ahead of the people expecting that when he turns around they will still be there behind him.  He chooses the road to walk and shows others where to step.
He told me a good leader walks among the people and talks with them so that they may choose their road together.  They walk side by side so that if a step is taken that causes them to stumble they may hold each other up.
He told me a great leader walks behind the people, nodding silently to himself in quiet satisfaction and joy as they choose the road they wish to take.  If they stumble and fall he is always there to help them get back on their feet.
He is wise, gentle and kind and the world will likely never know his name.  Yet to the family and friends who know, love and respect him, he will forever in their hearts be a great leader.  Why?  Not because he has a position of power, status or wealth.  He does not; he manages a restaurant in Manila, and works 12 hrs shifts before travelling two hours by bus so he may spend time with his family.  What makes him so special is that he understands that to lead sometimes means to stay behind.
How many different leaders does our world have?  Spiritual, religious, political and social; it seems there are literally thousands around the globe who stand ready to show us the way.  Which leads us to ask the question; who is it that we should choose to follow.
We were warned to beware of false prophets; warned that a time would come when only the whispers of our heart could be trusted to be our guides.
In the last few years the number of people claiming to be messengers has grown by an alarming rate, something that may cause concern for those who are leery of being led astray.  Yet it cannot be denied that the messages of peace and love seem pure, and much of what is now being taught is quite logical.  It stands to reason that if we wish to survive and move forward in our evolution that we must make peace with ourselves and the world in which we live.  It makes perfect sense that we must learn to love ourselves, our world and each other; to know ourselves, our world and each other.
If you really think about it, the most common sense teachings of our time are also the most commonly taught.  We are all one – connected – united – what you do to others you also do to yourself – what you do to our world you in turn do to you...
Still we were warned and many may be wondering where the false prophets are and how one can tell if they are false.  I wish I could give you that answer but I am not you, I do not see through your eyes and even though I am a part of the world of which you are also a part it is not for me to choose your path.
So if each person’s journey is their own why now more than ever does there seem to be so many different guides.  Why now more than ever does there seem to be some many teachers and lessons available for others to learn.
I imagine it is merely so that we may choose what in the end works for us.
Perhaps if our perceptions of those who have come before could be altered just a little we may begin to view them more as friends and not as somebody that should be raised above us.  Many of them have made it clear they are no different really from us, in no way more special than us and not so long ago probably just as lost and confused as us. 
That my friends is where the magic in the message is.  They have not come to tell us how to make our lives better or even so much that we should.  They have only come to show us how they improved their own lives so that we will know when we choose to do so that we can.
It would seem the days of complex rules and regulations are coming to an end.  The do’s and don’ts of yesterday are no longer seem to be something  people wish to concern themselves with.  There is a freer, more creative way of looking at our world and each other; judgements and condemnation are no longer welcome.  Instead of focussing on our faults we are now spending time recreating ourselves and our world.  Things are being flipped around, altered, the artists and musicians, the outcasts of yesterday are now stepping forward and using their talents and skill to help those in need.  Having always lived out of the box, they have long ago forgotten the box is there and are now using the energies they have always used to create entertainment for the masses to co-create and new world for the masses.   Thought and feeling are merging and becoming one and balance is being restored.
Through the shared experiences of others that reassures us that we are not alone and the creative force of those who have set out before us in the interest of freedom of expression we are leaping into a brave new world.  Through the open hearted discussion of all our various beliefs and ideals and the common interest of sharing our gifts and visions we open the magical portal to our future.  Through our new found acceptance of ourselves and each other our new world begins to emerge, lives transform; love and laughter are again reborn,  All because we stopped saying this is where you should go and started just going, then sharing with others where we have been.
So we come to time when leaders no longer walk ahead of us and into a time when through the sharing of experiences they walk among us.  We have come to a time when teachers no longer tell us what we should learn, but encourage us to remember that which we already know.  We have come to a time when the guides no longer point the way but instead wait patiently on us as we choose the direction we wish to walk.
We have come to a time when the guide may be led down a new path, where the teacher realizes that there is much yet to be learned from the student and the leaders fall to the back of the line so that none may be left behind.
Jean Victoria Norloch

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