Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to Basics

So you chose to step onto the road, take a chance, dive into the unknown and now...
Feeling a bit lost?
Don’t worry, it happens.
Life is all about the journey, not so much about the destination and the road is never straight so if by chance you feel you have strayed from your path there are a few things you can do to get back on.
First, please stop beating yourself up.  So you made a wrong turn. Who’s to say that turn was not one you needed to make. Think about it, just for a moment; the choice you made that you now view as a mistake could not have been made without a reason.  Chances are there was a lesson somewhere in there that needed to be learned, something you had yet to come to understand about either yourself of your world.  You can wallow in despair, subject yourself to inner torment and self depreciation or you can celebrate the fact that by some miracle you are still here.   Somehow, someway you made it through, now you have but to choose to carry on.
Regardless of where you are in life there will be times when you are so close to grasping your desired truth that the feeling of it suddenly slipping through your fingers can have a devastating effect on your spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing.
That job you always dreamed of, yes you know the one.  Three interviews, extensive testing, all that work for nothing.  You had it didn’t you?  Until that is, your car broke down on your first day of training.  Not a very understanding company apparently but I know something you don’t know.  The company, they are going bankrupt next month, so you saved yourself the trouble and never fear something better will come along.  Oh and the tow truck driver who rescued you by the side of the road, he’s your future husband.  Two beautiful healthy children and a long happy life together you will have.  I realize you can’t see it yet, but don’t worry you will.
The point is, sometimes we are so lost in what we have lost we forget or are unable to see what we have gained.   Have faith.  When Life throws you an unexpected curve learn to eagerly anticipate what’s coming up around the bend.
How?  Well, now that you are done blaming yourself, take stock.  Ask yourself what it is you have now in your life that brings you joy.  Concentrate on those you share your life with that make you smile.  Get back to the basics.  Focus on the little things. Let them help to lift you up and make you stronger.  A smile from a stranger, a hug from a child, time spent with family, coffee with a friend...
All the things in life that bring us balance and remind us that we are not alone make them the centre of your world and suddenly your world will seem a much brighter place to be.
Speaking of friends and not being alone remember that it is OK to ask for help.   There is no shame in allowing others to support you; they are after all in your life for a reason.  Let them help to ease you back onto your feet, acknowledge and be grateful for the nudge they give to get you going.  Above all, always consider yourself blessed for their presence.
Now, you’re feeling stronger but you’re still not sure which way to go.  You had chosen your route then it a wall, got turned around and now you seem to have lost your sense of direction.  You need to get back on course. 
Get back to you, as your strength returns through the goodness and love of those who surround you, take the time to remember who you are.  Find a tree; spend some time absorbing the energies our world has to offer.  Lie on your back in a field and watch the clouds.  Take a bath, play with a pet.  Grab your brush and paint, pick up your pen and write, put your fingers to the keyboard and pound out a tune.  Do whatever it is you do that makes you feel more close to you.
Now quietly pay attention, that whisper in your heart, the gentle voice that has always been your guide will yet again be there to help you find your way.  Truth is that inner voice is never gone; sometimes we just forget that all we need do is listen.
Ah yes, you remember.  You’re grounded, reconnected and appreciating the fact that you made it this far.
So what are you waiting for?
Pick a direction and start walking,
Not sure where you’re going?  It’s Ok, it doesn’t matter.
Remember, life is about the journey, not the destination.
Jean Victoria Norlock

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